bigtimefedora1 Summer is certainly a time in men’s fashion when dressing down is a day-to-day experience. As it gets warmer, men everywhere are ready to trade in their suits for casual shirts and designer boat shoes.

At Big Time, we’ve found that while summer brings out the best in swimwear, many stylish men may be missing out on a major opportunity to accentuate their sunshine look—the fedora. Why should you bring out these crisp upgrades from the baseball cap? Here are just a few reasons:

1. Cover Up and Get on the Go

Maybe you’ve been partying all night and have to rush to a party with no time to fix that bed head. Perhaps you just want a stylish way to cover up that wet-tossed hair at the beach. Whatever the case, fedoras are a great way to draw attention away from hairstyle concerns.

If you’ve trimmed down during the summer or opted for the shaved look, these timeless hats are still critical for classy coverage. If you’re planning on being out in the sun, fedoras are also a great way to prevent sunburn. Practical!

2. Accessorize the Emptiness

During the summer, men may not have a lot of options when it comes to accessorizing for casual occasions. Apart from watches and sunglasses, guys may be looking for a way to dress up those swim trunks. Fedoras are a great way to bring personality to a summer look and add a stylish touch to a very dressed-down occasion.

3. Give the Girls Something to Play With

Imagine this: you’re at a party or a bar chatting up a stunning woman, but you’re running out of icebreakers and are looking for a way to fire up the flirtation. Sure, she may want to try on your pricey sunglasses; but chances are, she’s already got a pair of her own. The fedora gives girls a chance to amplify their playfulness, as they can steal it off your head and take you to the dance floor. Want to take the lead? Flip the fedora on her and compliment her on how beautiful she is in your attire.

bigtimefedora24. Do It Right—Day to Night

From sun up to sun down there are lots of opportunities for summertime fashion to transition. However, if you don’t want to pack a thousand changes of clothes in your suitcase this summer vacation—you may want to opt for some simple ways to keep your look in check all day long. Fedoras are the type of hat that can make this transition seamless.  While the baseball cap or the trucker hat may be fitting for the beach, these will never play out well when you head to club. Fedoras—however—can provide that casual flavor during the day and give a finessed look for the evening.

5. Fedoras Can Be Casual

Many people think that fedoras are only applicable when trying to polish off a sharp suited look—such as with our Wool Stacy Adams Hat. However, fedoras don’t always have to be fancy. Big Time has a wide selection of straw and casual fedoras including our many Manzini Paisley Fedoras.

Summer is on its way, so make you order today to ensure that your fashion is up to trend. Our wide selection of hats and other accessories can help bring your entire summer wardrobe up to speed with style. Better yet, if you hurry, you can get many of these pieces on sale.