Today, we wanted to feature something unique, something possibly out of your comfort zone, but also a boot that is stylish. Let’s introduce the Zota Tan Leather Studded Ankle Boots. If you don’t know Zota, their stylish ankle boot above is a great example of their brand and personality. All of the Zota shoes and boots I’ve seen our wildly fashionable. I know when men talk about Zota, they usually have that love-hate relationship. Then again, this is how we usually think anyway. But always, we can appreciate the craftsmanship that is put into making such unique styles.

These Zota ankle boots are striking, spirited and bold. No question that the room will be on you as you walk through the door. These are men’s boots for the guy that has a strong personality and aura. Multiple tones of tan and brown give these ankle boots a sleek modern look. The studs and designs are perfectly done, creatively placed in the right location, on the front and the back of the boot.


Leather boots are often boring, lack that special feature or has no personality. That is not the case with these Zota boots. These boots can match a huge ego and personality with no hesitation. And to be honest, these ankle boots can work when you need to tone it down. It’s a stylish versatile option for many.

So, how will these Zota leather studded ankle boots work with your wardrobe? Tan leather is always a great compliment to work with men. Tan can mesh with a variety of different colors. From dark colors, such as brown, black, to light colors such as white, beige or cream, you’ll be able to tie up a number of different options in the closet.

Comfort is always a driving factor when we review men’s shoes. No questions about it, a shoe or boot needs to be comfortable at all times. Shop Big Time ranks comfort 8 out of 10 for these stylish Zota ankle boots. Very comfortable, soft strides and the versatility factor does play in. These Zota boots can certainly be a go-to in the closet.

In closing, we have been fans of Zota for years. We love this lineup of European flavor and style. Zota boots are always interesting, often unlike anything you’ve seen before. I still remember the first pair of Zota boots I ever saw. I still own them! Dependability is big for me and anyone else that truly appreciates footwear. These Zota tan leather studded ankle boots would make a perfect gift for the man in your life. If he appreciates style, he’ll love these.

Zota Tan Leather Studded Ankle Boots
Only $139.99