Wingtip Derbies For Men

Wing Tip DerbiesClassic Wingtips

Yes, the classic wingtip derby. Welcome to the Big Time blog and it’s officially Saturday, May 17th. Glad to see the warmer weather after that snow in Chicago, wow. Every Saturday, we have a special post and deal for you. We like to call this segment Saturday Savings. With our spring sales ending very soon, I wanted to give you a great deal on a pair of wingtip derbies. You can still get your wingtips in and these are stylish to wear anywhere.

These are Steven Land textured wingtip derbies. Shown here in chocolate brown, these wingtip derbies have a ton of great features and details. Add a little bit of old school glamour to your wardrobe with these handsome oxfords. The classic derby features a deep brown leather upper with wing-tip style design. Non-traditional is the texture: a crosshatch-like pattern across the toe and around the collar.

Be sure to take the time to click on the picture, the photos really give these wingtip derbies justice. If you haven’t heard of Steven Land, you will soon. Their a up and coming company and they make some excellent high quality shoes for men. I haven’t see a textured wingtip in a long time, this is a classic. I’m all over this shoe, manager’s discount of course but I love that classic look. I love the deep, rich brown color, I love these shoes. Learn More

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At Big Time, you can get these shoes for under $100. Yes, own a pair of old school oxfords for only $99.99. Be sure to visit our online catalog today!