Alligator dress shoes are the perfect footwear option for any formal event, whether it is an important meeting at the office or a friend’s wedding. Keep in mind that they are available in a variety of different styles, from loafers to oxfords and even sneakers. While they might be made from a veracious reptile, nothing about alligator dress shoes is barbaric. These shoes are sleek, sophisticated, and above all unique.

Alligator Shoes
Quality: Alligator skin is world renowned for its high quality, esteemed for its pliability and extreme durability. Many highly esteemed designers choose to work with alligator skin, including Louis Vitton. A pair of alligator dress shoes, when properly cared for, can last years and years. The best sections of alligator skin are typically drawn from the alligator’s belly or throat, as these scales tend to be the largest and most symmetrical.


Unique: A pair of alligator dress shoes are an excellent way to stand out. Alligator leather is truly exotic, and comes in a range of different colors, patters, and styles. With a flashy pair of alligator shoes, you are bound to stand out.


Diverse: Alligator skins come in a diverse range of styles and types. This special type of leather is rich in texture and variation. The specific patter and texture of alligator dress shoes will depend on which part of the alligator the alligator skin comes from. Skin draw from the belly of the alligator’s body tends to be smooth and pliable. Because of the homogenous texture of the alligator leather, dyes can be distributed easily. In contrast, skin drawn from the flanks of an alligator can be characterized by dense scales of even sizes. This type of leather tends to be denser and tougher. All in all, no two pairs of alligator dress shoes are alike. They vary greatly in color, texture, and pattern.