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Slick, stylish, genuine, bold and sharp only begins to describe the Los Altos white alligator shoes. These are some gorgeous casual shoes my friend. What do we know about white shoes? Give up? White shoes are versatile and they can go with anything. Yes, these alligator shoes are casual but you wouldn’t wear these bad boys with some dress pants or slacks? You know you would and can with these slick derbies.

Let’s talk about quality. Los Altos, the definition of high quality fashion, you’re getting it. These Los Altos white alligator shoes are sure to be the highlight of your closet. These alligator shoes are going to be able to match nearly anything in your closet. No wardrobe is complete without a pair of alligator shoes. This is a great opportunity to a great pair of Los Altos shoes.

Ready for some features? These Los Altos alligator shoes feature genuine deerskin in pure sharp white. Equally, you have matching white alligator trim around the front. It’s the perfect combination of deerskin and alligator that gives these Los Altos shoes appeal and a sexy look. Perfectly molder rubber soles make these alligator shoes comfortable with every stride. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice the topstitch stripes around the sides and heels.

As I’ve said time and time again, you always get your money’s worth when you buy Los Altos. These Los Altos white alligator boots are going to last you for years upon years. My oldest pair of Los Altos shoes is 6 years and they still look modern and sharp. That’s what I love about Los Altos the most. When they think about designing their shoes and boots, it’s not about now. It’s about years down the road and they always consider this.

Every pair of Los Altos shoes and boots are comfortable. I say this about every pair of shoes I try on made by Los Altos. These Los Altos casuals are extremely comfortable. Comfort is important, so is your fashion statement. First impressions last forever and these white alligator shoes are your ticket on first impressions. At the Big Time price, you won’t be able to find it cheaper. Get your alligator shoes today!

I found a few more awesome shoes that I want you take a look at. I recommend them all or I wouldn’t even be writing about them. The links are below. Thanks for taking the time to come by the Big Time blog. If you have any questions at all, let’s here it! You have a new or vintage product? Let me know! Until next time, check out these shoes, keep your wardrobe updated and look great!


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