From Axxess shirts and Manzini to STACY ADAMS and more, we have a wide range of high collar shirts to fit your needs. High collar shirts are timeless fashion and if I say so myself, they’re sexy, manly, and authoritative.

While it is quite traditional to attribute a huge chunk of one’s elegance to his choice of shoes, we still can’t forget the enormous contribution of the shirts (we wear) to our general presentability. Of course, at one point, you would have witnessed someone walk in and steal the show furiously with his sparkling shirt design. 

A Non-Trivial Choice

It may sound trivial but the choice of your collar for your shirt tremendously influences the suitability and attractiveness of your fashion sense. I’m not against dress shirts, I’m a fan of it all, but I like popping my collar. One of such is high collar shirts. Without a doubt, high collars garnish your carriage with this fashionable confidence adding an admirably composed poise. 

One fashion propaganda we commonly fall for is that one’s choice of collar shirt is dependent on his face curvature or shape of the chin. This is not entirely true. There is admirable flexibility when it comes to choosing collars –whether the high or the low ones. Most times it is more dependent on your exclusive fashion sense or more on the appropriateness of the shirt for the event you are wearing it to.

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What Are Your Options

Indeed, perpetual evolutions in the fashion world have resulted in the emergence of vast high collar styles with differing contours and sizes. So should you want to buy mens high collar shirts, what are the best options available for you out there?

There is the straight collar type 

The straight collar shirt also passes as the point collar shirt. The flexibility of the straight collar shirt even polishes their attractiveness more. 

So you want to want to wear your straight collar shirt with a tie in a formal combination to work? No problem. Now, do you want to wear your straight collar shirt without a tie to that causal setting say dinner or wedding? No problem as well. 

Simply put, the straight collar is a universal collar that goes withanything. No protocols or prohibition. Just rock it with a classic suit, blazer or jeans and you are good to go! 

You also have the Windsor Spread Collar

Two things British people don’t joke with: the Queen and Windsor spread collar. This collar shirt is typically British fashion. The Windsor spread collar is astounding when rocked with a well knotted tie. 

Sure you can always do without the Windsor knot. Admittedly, the Windsor spread collar best exudes its glow when worn to formal settings like when you want to bleed charm in the office.

You will love the tab collar

If you wish to buy mens high collar shirt, you will be right to consider the tab collar. Sorry, the tab collar may not be best for casual settings but congratulations the tab collar kills it when it comes to business settings enabling you to strut your workplace drenched with elegance. 

The snap tab collar is immaculate at holding your tie in perfect position tirelessly. Class is all yours with the tab collar. However, it would be a regrettable abomination to step out with the tab collar wearing no tie.

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So do want to buy mens high collar shirt, welcome to Ultimate Mens Wear. We understand the need for your upper trunk to glitter and charm. Presenting an alluring collection of mens high collar shirt, we give you the best opportunity to wrap your torso with splendor. Step out in our mens high collar shirt in confidence that the eyes are on you in admiration.

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