Ties – Must Have Styles

Few fashion accessories can enhance an outfit, like a necktie. And every man should have at least a dozen good ties in their wardrobe. Ties look very stylish and can give a special touch to any outfit. Ties can become a bold detail to your outfit. The prominent accessory men get to wear to brighten up their outfit is a tie. While suits are generally plain and standard on most occasions, ties come in various colors, lengths and multiple styles, lending variation to a man’s wardrobe.

Just remember to have fun with it, and try mixing and matching with different styles of shirts to create your own look. Here at Shop Big Time we take fashion seriously, cause our style basically tells others who we are. We believe in bringing the very best in quality and fashionable styles to our customers. Below are some of our favorite and popular styles and designs of ties. So add a touch of dapperness to your wardrobe with our selection of silk and linen ties.

Steven Land Silk Multi Color Abstract Art Design Men’s Tie Set

Accessorize your wardrobe with these colorful and fun vibrant pattern ties. 100% Fine Silk. And will be an instant way to give you a distinctive and sophisticated appearance, that’ll be a great conversation piece and a unique way to express your personality while maintaining dress code. Our silk ties are hand crafted in Italy from a single piece of silk that won’t fray, tear or fade. Matching Hanky Included. Very Unique!


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Men’s Diamond Crystal Embellished Men’s Tie Set

Accessorize with the bold styling of these Crystal Embellished Ties that sparkles with crystal embellishments. Mystify onlookers with these beautifully designed and hand stitched detailed to perfection with crystals that seem to disappear and reappear right before their eyes. Perfect for weddings and also formal events.

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Stacy Adam Polka Dot Men’s Tie Set

Get creative and express your personal style with these Stacy Adams Polka Dot Ties. The design and style alone will make this a tie that will be an instantly recognizable accessory, a luxury item that sets you apart and acts as a sure sign of impeccable taste.


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Steven Land Silk Multi Color Men’s Tie Set

Breath life into old suits and blazers with these Steven Land Silk Multi-Color Men’s tie. These designs are sure to garner you plenty of compliments around the office or out with friends. These handsome ties are made from 100% silk imported from Italy and is jacquard woven and handcrafted to perfection. ↓


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Steven Land Multi Color Swarovski Crystal Tie Set

Introduce variety into your wardrobe through accessory, like this colorful patterned necktie. Made out of 100% Fine Silk these stylish and gorgeous detailed ties will instantly give you a show stopping look. ↓


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Steven Land Multi Colored Abstract Art Deco Design Men’s Tie Set

These Art Deco Designer Ties are truly in a class all of their own. Full of personality with fun and unique detailing that will give any look a pop of color and style. This is one accessory that’ll give you a look different from all the rest. So stand out with these 100% Fine Silk ties.


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So there you have it, Ties – Must Have Styles! Ties that are unique, high quality, fun and stylish.  Layer up in menswear accessories this season!  You can’t go wrong with Shop Big Time’s Men’s Ties. We have more sophisticated styles, textures and patterns for you to choose from. Be sure to get creative and show off your personality through these must have men’s accessories. Click Here for more designer ties by Shop Big Time.