Our brand new collection of Stacy Adams shoes has arrived and we have updated our inventory. If you haven’t been by in a few weeks, be sure to check it out. Anyone that has become a regular on our blog knows how much I love Stacy Adams. I’m a huge fan, I can’t help but appreciate the hard work that goes into creating such a handsome shoe.

Stacy Adams Wingtip Shoes

I’ve went through thousands of men’s shoes over the decades, literally. These Stacy Adams Wingtip Derby Shoes have automatically hit my favorite top ten all-time. I love the black and scotch colors. And I’m usually not a big fan of black on brown, but the scotch works with these wingtip shoes. So, what is special about these Stacy Adams derbies?

Not all dress shoes are created equal and this slick derby is a step above the competition. The upper is cast in leather and has two tone coloring in scotch and black. Mixed faux lizard texture adds an exotic touch. Snipped wingtip design and light broguing complete this odd-combination look that works. Leather soles are a perfect fit to complete this one-of-a-kind look.

Stacy Adams Black And Scotch Dress Shoes

When you take a close look at these Stacy Adams Wingtip Derby Shoes, you can get a full appreciation of the one-of-a-kind features that make these shoes a winner and instant classic. The mix of textures on these shoes was genius. I’m not even sure that this was supposed to be the end product, but it worked like a charm. I’ve seen this look on other shoes and I’ve been turned off by it. Somehow, someway, Stacy Adams made it work.

How much do you think a Stacy Adams shoes with authentic faux leather cost? $150, $175, $200 or more? Not even close, these Stacy Adams wingtips are only $99.99! A great reasonable price for a instant classic derby from one of the most prestige names in men’s shoes? I’ll take that any day.

Black Scotch Stacy Adams Shoes

After all is said and done, of course I would give a recommendation for these Stacy Adams shoes for men. No question about it. How many of you have dress shoes that you can’t wear because they’re uncomfortable? Guilty, in fact, I have about 10 pairs that I can name off my head. You’ll never have to worry about comfort here, these easily rank in the top 10 for comfortable dress shoes.

I don’t think you’re limited with what you can wear with these black and scotch dress shoes either. No, this is not a typical two-tone dress shoes, but the combination works. The exotic skin touches and striking features make it one-of-a-kind and I always enjoy that. Certainly one of my favorite two-tone wingtip shoes by Stacy Adams.

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