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Hello bloggers. I’ve been hooked on Stacy Adams this week. I’ve spent countless hours looking through men’s shoes and I mean HOURS! What can I say, I love shoes. I’m going through Stacy Adams shoes and low and behold, enter this amazing pair of snakeskin shoes. These Stacy Adams shoes grab your attention from the get go. I know you agree. You put these men’s shoes with a hundred other pairs of shoes and you still notice these bad boys. I was going to actually do it but these Stacy Adams shoes speak for themselves.

I know what you’re thinking, what am I going to wear these snakeskin shoes with. Right? Ok, let’s hit your wardrobe. White shirts, a polo, Holster, dress shirt, even a plain white T. Are you going to be able to pull off a pair of jeans? If you want to look a little “You know who,” you’re not going to. However, tan, beige slacks are going to work. Black will work. Point? There’s plenty of options. If you don’t have some beige and black slacks, time to get some. What do you youngsters call this? Pimpin? Yes, you’ll be pimpin and pimping it!!

I get excited over a kick ass pair of men’s shoes. Sure, but these shoes are special. One-of-a-kind Stacy Adams shoes. Over 100 years of making high quality shoes. Now, lets talk about the features of these men’s Stacy Adams shoes. The upper is crafted entirely of grey leather which is embossed with anaconda-like texture. Elastic gores are hidden and allow for easy on, easy off. While slightly cowboy in style, the classic Cuban heels add a citified edge that anyone can pull off with the right wardrobe.

I try on and inspect every pair of shoes and clothing I write about. I’m big on comfort. I don’t care how good a shoe looks, if it don’t get just right, I don’t want it. I try these Stacy Adams shoes on and perfection. Easy on, easy off, I love the soft skins to the insole. I’m also a big fan of Cuban heel shoes and boots. These men’s shoes were designed with comfort and style in mind. You often get one or the other, these surprised me. Stacy Adams is known for high quality but I’ve always felt like they slacked a little in the comfort department. Not with these Stacy Adams shoes. All genuine leather, an awesome pair of men’s shoes at an awesome price of only $119.99! Don’t hesitate another second, get on the ball and get to Big Time right now. Just follow the link below.

Stacy Adams Snakeskin Embossed Shoes

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