Stacy Adams LoafersStacy Adams Loafers For Men

This week we’ve been covering a variety of different loafers for men. Not just any loafer, we’re all talking about stylish loafers, the type of loafer that can be worn anywhere. Out on the town, around the home, to work and everywhere you go in between. Today’s feature is from the Stacy Adams collection. Let me introduce the Stacy Adams black tassel slip on loafer.

These Stacy Adams loafers are bold, fun and stylish. This loafer has several stand-out features and details that we certainly grab the attention of others.

European style embossed shiny slip-on in black leather with a number of sharp details..  White tassels decorate the Men’s designer loafer shoe.
Cool and stylish, the tassel loafer gets a boost with shiny black embossed leather.  White piping and tassel stand out as unique details on a classic shoe.  Shaped comfortably; wear them with jeans or suits!  You’ll enjoy the iconic look of these Stacy Adams loafers but with new-age flavor. These are not your grandfather’s tassel loafers.

  • Genuine leather upper and sole
  • European-inspired styling in black and white
  • Tassel loafers for modern life
  • A new classic!

Comfort is always important in a versatile shoe, loafers or not. Stacy Adams is known for high quality shoes built for comfort. Your looking at a loafer that will look as good as it does today ten years from now. When you buy Stacy Adams, high quality is also a hallmark of this iconic brand in men’s shoes.

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Stacy Adams Vegan LoafersStacy Adams Vegan Loafers

One of my own personal favorites of Stacy Adams loafers is the suede vegan loafers. Probably one of the most comfortable pairs of loafers that I’ve ever owned. This Stacy Adams loafer is the exact same one that I own.

There’s several cool features that come with these Stacy Adams loafers. For one, I love the overall look of the loafer. For two, I’ve had my loafers for years, very dependable, high quality product. When you buy Stacy Adams, your buying high quality. It’s that simple men.

Another element that I loved with these vegan suede loafers is the buckle. Nothing fancy but it gives these Stacy Adams loafers a finished, stylish look at an affordable price. You can own this very same pair for only $69.99. The mid-gray color can go with a number of things and you just can’t beat the quality of Stacy Adams. Here’s the close ups.

  • Soft ManMade Upper
  • Leather Lining
  • Vegan Suede
  • Metal Buckle
  • Comfort Sole

Stacy Adams Loafers For MenLeather Stacy Adams Loafers

If you are the type of man that prefers leather, how about these leather Stacy Adams loafers. With an unique look and style, these leather loafers make a bold fashion statement at home or at work.

An exotic twist on the classic penny loafer, this jazzy dress shoe is a true head turner. The two-tone body is rendered in off-white and mustard brown. The upper is completely embossed with lizard-skin texture while the “penny” strap feels like iguana. Intriguing checkerboard design on the sides give you a unique look and style. The off-white color helps you mix and mesh in the wardrobe.

  • Leather upper and sole
  • ‘Grimani’ from Stacy Adams

Check out these Stacy Adams loafers.

Stacy Adams is one of the top brands in men’s fashion and has been for decades. From loafers and shoes to hats and suits, Stacy Adams has the look, style and fashion that most men are looking for. At Shop Big Time, we our proud retailers of Stacy Adams and their amazing lineup. Be sure to check out our fall lineup of Stacy Adams today.