The dull days of winter are almost fully behind us now, which means that it’s time to start thinking about putting together your spring wardrobe, especially men’s shoes. Yes, you could get all of your clothes out of storage, but why not treat yourself to a few new items to celebrate the return of the sun. What may come as a surprise to many is that it’s not just the ladies that look forward to the new fashions that come with each new season. Guys are becoming more and pickier about fashion and the clothes that they wear. After all, if it’s true that the clothes make the man, then a cool wardrobe has to be considered a must.

The question then becomes what it is that the men will be wearing when the warmer spring weather finally arrives for good. What you all probably know about spring is that will the weather is nicer, there is still the possibility of a little bit of a chill hanging in the air. It’s not quite t-shirt time, but it’s also too hot for a heavy sweater. You can somewhat get the best of both worlds by going with the incredibly stylish V-neck pullover sweater top.

While the word sweater appears in the name of this great looking garment, the lightweight material that it is made from makes it the perfect choice for the spring months. Warm enough to keep the chill out, but also lightweight enough to make sure that you don’t sweat your way through the season. The sage green color is the perfect shade for the season, and the great looking yellow patches on the sleeve add a really nice touch to the overall look. A zipper by the collar can be opened so that the collar can be turned down to reveal a delightful shade of khaki underneath. This is a great looking lightweight sweater that is the perfect starting point for a spring outfit.

When you look at adding the finishing touches to any outfit, it is usually the men’s shoes that are chosen to do that. The great thing about spring is that your feet can finally be given the opportunity to breathe, and there is no better way to do that than with a pair of great looking canvas men’s shoes. What was once considered to be a rather simple footwear choice has now become a great addition to any spring men’s shoe wardrobe. At the top of the list of great looking canvas men’s shoes is the GBX slip-on sneaker style shoe. What makes it so different is that while it sports eyelets for laces, the shoe is in fact held on by zippers located within the shoe. Lightweight and incredibly great looking, this is a canvas shoes that makes the step from casual to incredibly fashionable in no time at all.

These are just a couple of great spring fashion options, so why not mark your calendar to remind yourself that it’s time to freshen up your look?