Mens ShoesHello gorgeous! Not you, our featured shoes of course. Just playing, welcome to another post. Over the last month, we’ve focused on cowboy boots, exotic boots and dress shoes. We really haven’t went into details about our casual men’s shoes much. My apologies. Everybody owns at least one pair of casual shoes, some more then others. I found a great deal on this pair of men’s shoes and I had to do a post. So, get comfortable, take it easy and let’s take a closer look at these exotic casual shoes.

This is a pair of Los Altos caiman alligator shoes for men. Classy, sporty and with a great vibe, these bad boys are going to be your go-to pair of shoes. A sporty shoe with exotic touches, these killer kicks are a bold fashion statement to say the least. The shoe is cast in genuine deerskin in dark red and white. White caiman belly trim up the toe and across the vamp. Lace-less design closes with a velcro strap. Los Altos star logo on side. Molded rubber soles make them comfortable enough to wear for hours on end, a perfectly designed casual shoe.

These Los Altos caiman alligator casuals are hand stitched to perfection. If you already own a pair of Los Altos shoes, you already know how comfortable this line of shoes is. Deerskin is used in the insole, giving you the ultimate level of comfort. Style and comfort, the biggest two aspects of any shoe. Your exotic skins are protected by a special dye, ten years down the road and these babies will still look new.

The combinations that you can make in the wardrobe are endless. The white and red-brown skins will give you versatility when you need it the most. Your biggest ally will be beige and tan. You can go with a casual look or you can spice it up for a night on the town. Versatility is the definition of this pair of men’s shoes. View More Pictures