Cuban Heel Ankle BootsCuban Heel Ankle Boots

Beautiful Sunday morning to you bloggers! I have yet to review any Ostrich Cuban heel ankle boots, so I thought it would be appropriate to do so since I’m a big fan of Cuban heel boots. The iconic Cuban heel, surely you’re fan, perhaps? An image of the classic mod boot, these Los Altos Ostrich Cuban heel ankle boots are truly a powerful fashion statement. I’m very familiar with Cuban heel boots and Los Altos. I’ve never reviewed the Ostrich Cuban heel ankle boot. Let’s see what makes these Los Altos ankle boots special.

This pair of Los Altos Ostrich Cuban heel ankle boots are rendered entirely in black ostrich leg skin. These Ostrich Cuban heel boots of course feature the classic Cuban heel, high shaft and a slight pointed toe. Beautiful black Ostrich skin gives these exotic ankle boots a slick, bold look that highlights the special boot. The leather sole is completely hand-stitched and hand-nailed, giving you a unique one-of-a-kind look that few could ever match.

These Los Altos boots also feature supple deerskin leather in the insole, giving you a comfort that can’t be matched. Giving that these Ostrich Cuban heel boots have cushioned insoles also, it’s worth noting that these bad boys are among the most comfortable boots in the world. And when you buy Los Altos, you know you’re getting high quality boot.

When it comes to men’s fashion, you have to admire everything Los Altos does. This is a perfect impression of the classic mod boot. These Cuban heel boots can go with anything, the black Ostrich skin boots give you versatility in the closet. These Los Altos boots can go with slacks or jeans. You’re getting a high quality exotic skin boots for a low price, a great deal indeed.

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