Simple is boring. Simple is predictable. Simple is wearing the same thing all the time and not taking any chances. Are you still with us? Because none of that is true, as least not the way designers from Miuccia Prada to Kean Etro (a man who never met a jazzy pattern he didn’t like) are redefining simple this fall. Simple is about understated clothes worn with confidence. Jeans are simple and have been a mainstay in fashion so long it’s hard to remember a time when they weren’t  worn.

Simple is about bridging the gap between distinction and discretion — there can be patterns, but they will be restrained; there will be colors, but they’ll be muted; there will be accessories, but they will be functional. Simple isn’t bleak like minimalism, and simple isn’t bloodless like the walking stiffs on Mad Men. Simple is strong and masculine, and simple means you’re the one getting the attention, not the clothes