Mens Dress Shoes-Lizard Skin Dress Shoes By Los Altos

Every man deserves to have at least one pair of exotic dress shoes. More then that, if you don’t own a high quality pair of lizard skin dress shoes, you’re missing out. Here’s the thinking of men that I have noticed over 3 decades of selling high quality clothing, shoes and boots. When you think they won’t notice your pair of Walmart dress shoes, you’re wrong. Sorry, people and clients pay attention to the small details.

As men, we have to dress how we feel and cheap just don’t cut it. I’m not trying to be rude, not at all. How many times have you heard the old saying, “dress to impress” or “dress how you feel?” That old phrase has good meaning. It can be difficult to own an expensive pair of dress shoes. It’s not about that, it’s all about your appearance and how you carry yourself. When we dress great, we feel great. We’re extra confident, more outgoing and we carry ourselves with pride. Dress like a million bucks and feel like a million bucks. You never know who is watching and when your opportunity will be. Always look your best.

I honestly hope you take that to heart. Appearance matters, not saying it’s right or wrong, it’s just the world we live in. Enough said, lets talk about this awesome pair of men’s dress shoes. These lizard skin dress shoes are sexy, appealing and handsome. These dress shoes have a beautiful rustic color that can support a number of different wardrobes. Wait until you see these bad boys in action, these will grab their attention.

Rustic, unique and ultra comfortable, the Los Altos Lizard Orange Leather Slip On Loafers will become your “Go-to” shoes faster than you can slip them on. Made with exotic lizard skin and designed with precise attention to detail to provide your feet with world class comfort for a variety of occasions. These loafers pair nicely with blue jeans and make a true state with dress pants.

  • Genuine Exotic Lizard leather
  • Slip on buckle
  • Cushioned for comfort leather sole
  • Pairs nicely with blue jeans and dress pants