Style, swagger, fashion, funk, no matter how you do yours, every man has to have their go-to piece in the closet. And what piece would that be? I’m referring to men’s blazers of course, the sportcoat. The blazer has been a long-time symbol of power, luxury, the good life, upper level, and high class. Of course, not all of us played by the rules. It’s all about how you feel and look when you have that blazer on, right? If I look like a million bucks, I feel like a million bucks, enough said.

Hard to believe summer 2015 is upon us, where did the year go? I went to our annual fashion event in Las Vegas and New York earlier this year. I was excited to bring some fresh new looks to our online store and I know you’re going to love our new lineup of men’s blazers. From Angelino blazers to Manzini blazers, we have a wide range of stylish blazers and sportscoats to choose from.

Manzini Mens Taupe Bold Paisley Jacquard Two Button Trendy Blazer

There’s so many uses and scenarios that would be appropriate to bring out the men’s blazer. From formal wear, as you see to the left, perfect for formal events, dances and any other event that would carry the formal label.

I wanted to bring a wide range of style, colors and branding to our blazer selection. A lot of brands make blazers and sportcoats, I can name 30 off the top of my head. I’m thinking, “what do men want?” We’re all stubborn, hard to shop for. Get a man with a little fashion sense and it’s that much harder. So I wanted to bring the type of collection that would appeal to all men and I think we hit it out the park with our new summer collection of men’s blazers here at Shop Big Time. With fashion industry brands such as Angelino, Stacy Adams, SilverSilk and Manzini, you really can’t go wrong, especially when it comes to men’s blazers and men’s sportscoats.

Stacy Adams Mens Two Tone Royal Blue White Houndstooth Blazer

Another brand that I absolutely love when it comes to men’s blazers is the fashion icon of Stacy Adams. While most men and the fashion industry recognizes Stacy Adams for their shoes, they put 110 percent into everything that they make. If you’re looking for a high quality blazer, you can always rely on Stacy Adams to bring you a quality sportscoat.

On the left, we feature this beautiful two tone royal blue and white blazer by Stacy Adams. While this men’s blazer features a vintage style, it’s a marvel of a design with modern touches throughout the blazer. We loved the features and details that really made this blazer, featuring piping and blue detailing along the double pockets.

Blu Martini Black Quilted Vegan Leather Velvet Lapel Blazer

When I go to fashion events, I often think back to what our customers tell us, the feedback they give is so helpful to us. This is especially true when it comes to bringing in a new collection of men’s blazers. This Blu Martini quilted black blazer is the perfect example.

Featured to your left, this Blu Martini reshapes the way we think about men’s blazers and sportscoats. It reminds me of our exotic skin biker boots, stylish, handsome, rugged and on the edge. We wanted to bring a little something to everything and our inventory, we want it to be the very best.

Here at Shop Big Time, we have a wide range of men’s blazers to choose from. We carry several of the top brands in men’s fashion and clothing. Just follow the Shop Now button below to view our entire lineup of name brand men’s blazers.