Los Altos Stingray ShoesLos Altos Stingray Sneakers

Everyone needs a pair of stylish sneakers. Some people prefer Jack Erwin, Paul Evans, I prefer Los Altos. In particular, I prefer Los Altos and Stingray Row Stone Sneakers just like the Los Altos shoe pictured. When it comes to quality name brand shoes, you can’t beat the quality and price you get for a good quality pair of Los Altos shoes. Hey, we all have our opinions. Let’s talk about these Stingray Row Stone Sneakers.

This pair of Los Altos Stingray Row Stone sneakers is cast in rich black deerskin, giving this pair of casual shoes a perfect look. Stunning genuine stingray and row stone is featured on the side and front of the shoe. The rubber soles are just a perk, giving you comfort in every step you take. Take a good look, tell me another high quality shoe that looks this good? Absolutely brilliant!

What about what you don’t see? This pair of Los Altos shoes has several great features that are under the eye. Supple deerskin leather covers the insides of this pair of Los Altos shoes. Include the cushions within and you have one of the most comfortable pair of shoes ever made. These Los Altos Stingray sneakers features hand stitched natural rubber soles for added durability. Add to the fact that these Los Altos shoes are protected by a special aniline, you have the perfect combination of durability, style and superior quality.

What makes these Los Altos Stingray Row Stone sneakers special? For one, anytime you’re dealing with a black sneaker, you get a shoe that’s versatile in the closet. These Los Altos Stingray shoes can be worn with jeans, slacks, shorts, white, black, gray, beige, you name it and you’re still looking great. Add the quality, Los Altos brand, Stingray shoes and the fact that this shoes is marked for under $250, you then have a winner in my book.

Back to the point I was making earlier, everyone needs a stylish pair of sneakers for their wardrobe. They’ll get more use then you’ll think. You don’t want to be out bawling in your exotic skin cowboy boots, right? Maybe you do, perhaps you enjoy that. In all seriousness, quality matters and the price always matters. Why not get the best of both worlds? You do with these Los Altos shoes, a striking pair of Stingray Row Stone sneakers.

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