Dress Shoes By Los Altos

If you’re looking for Los Altos Shoes, Big Time has a massive selection of gorgeous Los Altos shoes for men. I don’t know about you but I feel that shoes make the outfit. When it comes to formal wear, you have to have a great pair of dress shoes. Even better, a high quality pair of Los Altos dress shoes. We have dozens of different Los Altos dress shoe variations, styles and themes to choose from. I wanted to share my favorite Los Altos dress shoes and why I chose these specific shoes.

Lizard and Alligator Belly Derby

Los Altos Derby ShoesIf you want a Los Altos shoe to will turn heads, this pair of Los Altos lizard and alligator belly derbies is the way to go. What I love about this exotic skin derby is the fact that is can be worn for both casual and formal. You can wear these Los Altos shoes with anything and all through the year. Talk about a stunning pair of exotic derbies, your wardrobe will thank you time and time again.

The Los Altos lizard alligator belly derby has several great features and details that make it a popular choice for men. The upper is cast in black lizard skin with a cap-toe rendered in alligator belly. The soles of these Los Altos dress shoes are made with natural leather. The supple deerskin leather in the inside of these Los Altos dress shoes give you the ultimate feeling of comfort with every step you take. This lizard alligator skinned dress shoe is the perfect mix of exotic skins. The one-of-a-kind look of this Los Altos derby ensures that these bad boys won’t go out of style anytime soon.

The feature that I love the most is the fact that I can wear these Los Altos shoes anytime of the year and I can wear them with jeans or slacks. The two dress shoes featured in this post are versatile and stylish, one of the reasons I chose them both.

Stingray Single Stone and Ostrich Derby

Los Altos Ostrich Stingay DerbyThis pair of Los Altos dress shoes are sure to be a personal favorite as their unique one-of-a-kind style is like no other I’ve seen. The Los Altos stingray ostrich derby is rendered in chocolate brown ostrich quill skin that gives it the exotic look that most of us look for in a derby. The vamp of this Los Altos shoe is covered in genuine single stone stingray and features dual seaming along the top of the dress shoe. These Los Altos derbies feature the classic lace up and would certainly be a stand out pair of shoe in your wardrobe.

The genuine stingray single stone gives these Los Altos shoes appeal, style and flair. Their tough and rugged to be dress shoes  but at the same time, their elegant and stylish. You may never come across a better pair of versatile shoes. This stingray ostrich derby has personality that very few could compare to. What I love about these Los Altos dress shoes is the fact that they can transition with anything. You can wear these Los Altos derbies with a suit or jeans. There’s no limitations with the Los Altos stingray ostrich derby.

More Los Altos Shoes

Big Time has a massive collection of Los Altos shoes and Los Altos boots to choose from. We’re always adding new shoes and boots to our inventory. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, be sure to ask. Thanks for taking the time to visit our blog and we’ll see you on the next post!