Los Altos Saddle Rodeo Brown BootsLos Altos Boots

Still looking for a great pair of Los Altos boots for your wardrobe? If so, we’ll meet in the middle. I fell in love with these stylish Los Altos Saddle Rodeo brown boots at first sight. The first element that I noticed was the unique overall look of these Saddle Rodeo brown boots. If you compare these Los Altos boots to any other boots you’ve recently seen, which one is more trendy? It would honestly be hard for you to find a more stylish boot with other brands. If you look through other Los Altos boots, you won’t find a close match. This tells me that these Los Altos boots are original and unique.

The second thing that shocked me was the price. How much do you think the Los Altos Saddle Rodeo boot cost? $299? $399? $499? Possibly more? I’m a Los Altos pro when it comes to boots and shoes. I would guess around $350-$400. How about $199? If you guessed $199, you’re right. I was shocked and had to write about it. I just found this great deal and had to share it.

When you buy Los Altos, you already know you’re getting high quality. Los Altos boots are made with the best exotic skins and leather in the world. Rich genuine leather that is made to keep shape and last. When you add these elements to the a boot like the Saddle Rodeo, you get a handcrafted boot like no other. Let’s take a closer look at the Los Altos Saddle Rodeo brown boots.

These cognac boots has several awesome details and great features that put it ahead of other name brand boots. I love the multi toned brown leather. It gives you a natural look and feel but this boot is all but natural. The top shaft features two holes on each side with an iconic Los Altos Boots tag centered between the holes. Working down the shaft of the boot, we see beautiful hand stitched designs that are unique to each stitch.

Deer and elk skin make for that beautiful cognac color you see on the Los Altos Saddle Rodeo boots. A square toe and more beautiful stitching finishes the unique style and look of these Los Altos boots. The inner features soft cushions and soft calf skin lining to leave your feet protected and comfortable. A special aniline dyeing process ensures that your Los Altos boots will last for decades.

Considering the price, look, quality, design and style of these Los Altos boots, you can’t find a better deal anywhere. We know these boots will look great in jeans, what about formal? You know I had to try. I was quite surprised how I looked when I tried these on with dress pants. Point is, you can wear these cognac boots with anything, all year around. Trust me, it’s going to be a great addition to your wardrobe and you can always thank me later.