Ostrich Quill Biker BootsOstrich Quill Biker Boots

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time for the season of the biker. Wouldn’t think that I was a biker after reading my articles, huh? Well, I’m actually not, but I do know boots. Enter the Los Altos Ostrich Quill biker boots. Look left, impressive, huh. These biker boots scream “I’ll Kick Your Ass.” Exotic biker boots from Los Altos doesn’t get any better then these Ostrich Quill biker boots. At first glance, it caught my eyes. These boots are intimidating. Throw on some leather and your going to feel like superman. To the boot!

These Los Altos biker boots feature genuine Ostrich Quill leather all the way through. These biker boots have the classic square toe with awesome studded straps that give the boot personality. Los Altos hit a homerun with this pair of biker boots. Their appealing, rough, rugged, sleek, yet stylish and good looking. How can you not be a fan of Ostrich Quill leather? If you aren’t, you will be when you see these bad boots in person. Striking, handsome and amazing.

This pair of Los Altos Ostrich Quill biker boots feature a rubber outsole that gives you added comfort, style, personality and their actually slip resistance. It’s a well thought out element from Los Altos. I still love the ankle harness the best, what a great feature! Perfect for this type of biker boot. Look, you don’t have to be a biker to make these Los Altos boots work, so don’t think that. These Ostrich Quill biker boots are for any wardrobe and it doesn’t take leather to make them work. Go country, these bad boys and jeans? Sexy my friend. Don’t think they will notice you walking in with these bad boys? Think again.

This pair of Los Altos boots is the definition of comfort. The rubber outsole gives you comfort, the insides have soft deerskin for added support and comfort. If your toes could feel heaven, it would be inside these boots my friend. More then anything, you have to love the details of the Los Altos Ostrich Quill biker boot. From the harness and studs to the square toe and Ostrich Quill details, you won’t find another pair of biker boots like these for this price, I promise you that.

Although these Los Altos biker boots can be wore with jeans or leather, if I’m a biker, I want them. I know bikers have their “standards,” but imagine sticking these bad boys…well…you get the point. Absolutely gorgeous.

Since I’m on the subject of biker boots anyway, I want you to do me a favor. I have three more pairs of biker boots that I want you to check out before you go. Big Time has some great Spring sales going on right now. You can get great deals on boots and shoes. The links are below. Until next time, I’ll see you later. Excited about Spring and Fashion. I’ll explain later…


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