Los Altos Lizard Alligator DerbyLos Altos Derby

Stylish, fetch, dressy, bold and sleek, this Los Altos Lizard Alligator Derby is impressive! Talk about the perfect match. Who ever said that lizards and alligators don’t mix? I bet they never laid their eye on this handcrafted Los Altos dress shoe. From heel to toe, this Los Altos derby has amazing details and a touch that has yet to be matched.

This is certainly one of my favorite dress shoes in our catalog. Those who know me know I’m big on Los Altos and their continuous aim of producing high quality men’s shoes. I can’t say it enough, if you want high quality and a great price, you buy Los Altos. Now, let’s take a look at these special Los Altos Alligator Lizard dress shoes.

The Lizard and Alligator derby has a ton of great features and details. These Los Altos dress shoes are the definition of men’s fashion. The upper is casted in black Lizard skin and the top features genuine Alligator belly. The sole is done in genuine natural leather, adding the element of durability and comfort to these already stylish dress shoes.

This Los Altos Lizard and Alligator Derby are hand stitched to perfection. Take this opportunity to look at the gorgeous details on this classic derby. The entire top of the this Los Altos derby is done in beautiful detail. The top also has special features, giving it a true one-of-a-kind look that won’t be matched. You won’t find a more beautiful derby by anyone.

Los Altos didn’t stop there, these Los Altos Lizard Alligator Derbies also have deerskin leather insoles. Talk about soft and comfortable! I hate a derby that is uncomfortable, you”ll never have to worry about comfort when you buy Los Altos shoes. On top of that, the insole is also cushioned. There’s no such thing as a softer insole then this derby.

I know I already touched on the details of this Los Altos Derby but these bad boys are gorgeous. I can’t help it! Take a closer look at the picture, you can click on it to see more pictures. Stunning work, one-of-a-kind, high quality and worth every penny! You’ll never have to worry about your exotic skin shoes fading, Los Altos uses a special aniline process to protect your shoes.

You can wear these tough Los Altos derbies anywhere. Where them with slacks or jeans, even shorts. You can wear them year round, a perfect addition to any wardrobe.