Los Altos Gray Caiman Shoes


Bold, charming, sexy and handsome, you can’t never beat a great pair of exotic skin shoes gentlemen. Daring, a touch of elegance with stand-alone features, I can go on and on about these Los Altos gray caiman skin dress shoes. My favorite exotic skin shoe has always been caiman skin shoes. Until you can get your hands on them, you can’t truly appreciate the work that goes into a high quality pair of men’s shoes. Every pair of shoes that we feature on our blog are tested, evaluated and if they make the cut, we feature them on the blog. I have a high standard and I only write about the best. That’s why you can trust our reviews.

What makes these Los Altos shoes special? That depends on what you’re looking for. Let’s take a closer look.  The upper is cast in gray caiman/ alligator skin and features elegant piped seaming along the length of the upper. It gives these dress shoes its unique one-of-a-kind look. These Los Altos caiman skin dress shoes also feature a sharp square-toed shape. Laces are tipped off with matching tassels. The soles are crafted from natural leather, hand-stitched for maximum quality and durability. This is as close to “walking on air” you’ll likely get. None the less, these are the features that stick out with our Los Altos gray caiman skin dress shoes

Los Altos gray dress shoes

Nothing like an up-close personal look at these gorgeous caiman skin dress shoes for men. At this view, you really get an appreciation for the detail that these shoes portray. Want to know how much I liked them? I took them home with me! I couldn’t help it, just a beautiful exotic skin shoe.

If you shop at other retailers for exotic skin shoes, don’t be surprised if you’re paying upward of $500 or more. You won’t come close to paying that here at Shop Big Time. You can own these Los Altos caiman skin dress shoes for only $399.99. And we’ll even ship them for free!

So, thinking about your wardrobe, gray isn’t an authority color like white and brown. However, you still have a ton of combinations in the wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you go slacks or blue jeans with these caiman skin shoes, you’ll be able to pull it off with these bad boys. I’d prefer to stick with darker colors and tones, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pull off natural tones and lighter colors. That’s the beauty of it, these caiman shoes can be worn to work, home, the bar, club or for a stroll in the park.

Want to get a closer look at our Los Altos caiman dress shoes? Just follow the button below! As always, we appreciate your time and always enjoy bringing you the very best from out collection. We’re still adding new products every day, so be sure to stop back in to check on us. Until next time, stay safe, enjoy life and love looking good!

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