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If you’re looking for a tough, stylish handsome pair of men’s boots, feast your eyes on this bad boy. Welcome to the collection our Los Altos Eel Skin J toe boots for men. I just had the luxury of trying on this pair of men’s boots and they are SHARP!

You have to get a closer look, so be sure to click on the picture and check out the pictures. Don’t worry, there’s no surprise ad. I promise. I just want you to get an idea of how well these men’s boots are handcrafted. These Los Altos boots are smoking hot and fresh off the assembly! Shall we go to the boots please?

This pair of Los Altos eel skin boots is rugged, detailed and sharp. It has a great crisp look, genuine eel skin leather and an awesome dull black look with a J toe design. Featured with a rubber heals, you’re sure to gain all the attention with the bad ass graphics on the shaft. Once you get in for a closer look, you’ll be able to see just how clean the design is, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

I love the leather strap up the shaft and this pair of men’s boots feature the iconic Los Altos logo on a five point star centered on the shaft. A smooth dull black vamp finishes a stellar design that is sure to impress. These Los Altos boots will be versatile as you need them, the outfit possibilities will be endless. These eel skin boots are just as comfortable as any other Los Altos boot. They feature soft skins inside and padding for extra comfort. Take a closer look at these eel skin boots.