Los Altos Dual Tone Alligator Belly Dress Shoes

Dual Tone Alligator Belly Dress ShoesAlligator Belly Dress Shoes

Have you ever seen a better looking pair of Alligator belly dress shoes? These bad boys are impressive, tough, stylish and bad ass. Made by Los Altos, these dual tone Alligator skin dress shoes are exotic! True, this is anything but your typical dress shoe. However, it brings so much opportunity to leave others impressed. Talk about an instant upgrade to your wardrobe. And with Spring being officially here, this is a great opportunity to show these bad boys off.

This may very well be the best designed pair of alligator dress shoes Los Altos has ever made. Why? Why are these dress shoes special? It’s all about details with these Los Altos alligator shoes. Unique details that will never be matched. You see, each alligator dress shoe is unique, you won’t find another pair of alligator dress shoes like this, it’s impossible. Alligator skin is like our fingerprints, they can’t be matched. No matter where you go, you won’t find another dress shoe like yours.

Let’s talk about the features, shall we? This pair of dual tone Alligator belly dress shoes feature an upper made from one piece of alligator skin, done in dual tone black and white. At first glance, you’d think that it is multiple pieces of alligator skin, rather it’s only one. The soles are all genuine leather, hand stitched to perfection. As you can see, these Los Altos Alligator dress shoes feature the classic square toe, ensuring that these dual toned dress shoes will never go out of style.

These Los Altos Alligator belly dress shoes are shadowed in white, gray and black, giving you a look like no other. With Los Altos, your exotic skin dress shoes are always protected from the elements. They use a special aniline process to dye their exotic skins, ensuring that they will last for years. And with Los Altos, you’re always guaranteed to have a soft, supported shoe. Comfort meets style and exotic flair!

When I first looked at these all alligator belly dress shoes, I was in total awe. I’ve never seen a pair of Los Altos Alligator dress shoes like this. Outfits began to walk through my mind, what could you wear with these gator dress shoes? Pants, slacks, white, black, beige? Perhaps a formal event? Do it like Duck Dynasty? Then I realized, these Los Altos Alligator dress shoes are dress shoes by definition but I can wear these slicks anytime, anywhere. They look so stylish, you could honestly where these anywhere. That’s the beauty of it, it’s an instant upgrade for anyone!

Men’s fashion, these alligator dress shoes are the definition. If you don’t have a pair of alligator shoes yet, you need to take advantage of this great deal. We all need a pair of quality exotic skin dress shoes. Opportunity knocks, will you answer?