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Good Wednesday morning to you. Thanks for dropping by the Big Time blog, where you’ll find great deals, special promotions and fashion tips for all walks of life. Every man should own a pair of these boots that we’re getting ready to discuss, Cuban heel boots. The Cuban heel boot is a classic for those that aren’t aware of the name. More then that, Cuban heel boots are a fashion statement, representing the wearer like no other boot on Earth. Sharp, cool, calm and collective, these boots have a big personality to fill, are you up for the challenge?

Lets talk about the Los Altos Cuban heel boots shall we. With a beautiful glossy coat and genuine ostrich skin, these Cuban heel boots are boldly beautiful. Rendered entirely in brown ostrich leg skin, the silhouette features an ankle high shaft, slightly pointy toe and Cuban heel. Inside calf zipper. Leather sole is completely hand-stitched and hand-nailed lending to an artisanal quality that is second to none. This pair of Cuban heel boots is for the type of person that makes his own luck, makes his own way. They scream personality and very few boots could ever match this look.

Take the time to look closer, click on the pictures. I want you to look at the amazing detail, it’s incredible. Stunning, alluring and striking, these Los Altos Cuban heel boots were made for the limelight. The inside features supple deerskin and cushioned soles, providing the most comfortable feel you’ve ever had in a boot. It’s produced by Los Altos so you know you’re getting a high quality boot.

The genuine ostrich skin is ravishing. The immediate details that you get with these Cuban heel boots are incredible. This was my first look with these boots. Absolutely gorgeous. Men, looking to impress her? These bad boys are it. Go ahead and pick you up a sleek Manzini shirt while you’re at it. Tonight is the night, go big, go bold or go home.

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