Caiman Skin Dress ShoesBeautiful, stylish, eye catching and handsomely designed describe this Caiman Skin dress shoe perfectly. When we discuss exotic skins and high fashion, you have to include the Los Altos Caiman Skin dress shoes. Where do we even begin? Have you ever seen a dress shoe like this? This is Los Altos dress shoes at their best. I already told you, I’m not big on dress shoes. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion, I just prefer shoes and boots. I just saw these two days ago, my first impression was that these are sexy. I started looking over the details, style and design. I became a fan of exotic skin dress shoes. How can you not? It may be the one of the best designed and styled dress shoes I’ve ever seen, Los Altos or not. Now, let’s discover what makes this Los Altos Caiman Skin dress shoe so perfect.

This awesome derby has a tough and stylish look, amazing details when you first examine the Caiman Skin dress shoe. I believe it’s the color that grabs you and gets your attention. You don’t see many dress shoes with the gray color, especially Los Altos dress shoes. The upper is casted in gray Caiman alligator skin, giving it that rich gray color look. Check out the piped seaming along the length of these Los Altos Caiman Skin dress shoes, absolutely gorgeous. Click on the picture and you’ll get a better look. Pay attention to the great details, remarkable!

These Los Altos Caiman Skin dress shoes also features a sharp square-toed shape. There’s even details down to the laces as they’re tipped off with gorgeous matching tassels. These Caiman Skin dress shoes have soles that are crafted from natural leather, hand-stitched for maximum quality and durability. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind shoe!

If you know me or you’ve been reading our fashion blog, you know that I try on and test everything I write about. With saying that, these Los Altos Caiman Skin dress shoes are the most comfortable pair of dress shoes I’ve ever wore. Come to find out, the inside is made with genuine deerskin leather. You know the issues with dress shoes, their unstylish, uncomfortable and embarrassing to wear. Not the Caiman Skin dress shoe my friend. Not only that, they’re also cushioned inside. This is maximum support and comfort.

Who can wear gray dress shoes all year long? Well, you if you choose to get them. I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not big on dress shoes, I’ve already told you once. However, this is not your ordinary dress shoe. These Los Altos Caiman Skin dress shoes are unique, I’ve never seen anything like in three decades. At Big Time, we only promote and sell the best of the best. On top of that, we offer high quality products at a discount price. We have dozens of high quality dress shoes, be sure to stop by today. As for me, I’ll see you next time. If you have some time, go check out last week’s post and great deals.