Exotic Los Altos BootsExotic Stingray Boots

Good morning everyone! Those that know me or of my beautiful writing know that I’m a big fan of Los Altos boots. Hey, it’s no secret. Today, we’re looking at the Los Altos exotic Stingray boots. Cowboy boots and western boots are the symbol of the country life and freedom. No one does stylish cowboy boots like Los Altos. I wish you could see what I’m looking at right now because these Los Altos boots are gorgeous! The picture doesn’t do it any justice but you can click on the picture to get some great close ups of these exotic Stingray boots. Let’s talk about the boot!

What’s the first element that grabs your attention? Shaft? Details? Lower? Graphics? These Los Altos Stingray boots have a little bit of everything. I tell you what, just click on the picture, get a closer look. Now, as you can see, these Exotic Stingray boots are absolutely gorgeous! Perfect combinations of navy blue and black gives these Los Altos boots a one-of-a-kind look. Genuine stingray leather and a smooth transition makes these exotic boots stand out among the crowd.

These Los Altos Stingray boots are beautifully designed with several great features. The upper of these exotic boots contain hand stitching, studs, contrast, shadows and striking leather piecework. If you’re the type of man that has an appreciation for fashion, you’re going to love these Los Altos boots. Bold yet elegant, this Stingray boot is sure to catch the attention of everyone that walks by.

How many times have you bought a pair of cowboy boots that hurt your feet? Guilty? When you buy Los Altos boots, you’re buying quality and comfort. The same can be said about these exotic Stingray boots. The buttery lambskin gives you a comfort like no other. It has a long pull and supple goat leather on the shaft. Definition? It’s a perfectly designed pair of Los Altos boots that’s sure to stand the test of time.

Let’s get personal. Let’s say you buy these Los Altos exotic Stingray boots, what does it add to your wardrobe. I’ve tried them on with a few different styles and here’s what I know. (1) This Los Altos boot looks great pulled over or tucked in. With jeans or slack, these Stingray boots work great. White and black slacks, pants, they both work. Beige, gray and brown, I wouldn’t wear it with these boots. Not the most versatile boot we’ve seen for the wardrobe but when is unique ever versatile?

These Los Altos Stingray boots are on sale, one of the reasons I wanted to evaluate them and tell you about them. This is a great deal to get you an unique pair of high quality Los Altos boots. This price won’t last for long. Spring is just around the corner so you better get your wardrobe ready! I’ll see you around!