Los Altos Alligator LoafersAlligator Loafers

Good Saturday morning everyone and welcome to Big Time! We’re all about men’s fashion at Big Time and we use our blog to talk about our products, give you great deals and it gives me a platform to talk about what I love, FASHION!! Los Altos Alligator belly loafers. The question is, do you have a pair of exotic loafers yet? And if you do, are they Alligator loafers by Los Altos? Why Los Altos? Why Alligator belly loafers? Let’s find out!

Alligator belly loafers usually have some of best details and features. If you look at these Los Altos Alligator loafers pictured, you can see the beautiful details and shadows. This is how you can tell if the Alligator belly is genuine or not. The upper of this pair of Los Altos exotic skin loafers is casted in pure genuine gator skin, a look and texture that can’t be duplicated. These exotic skin loafers give you ease by giving you an easy slip on, slip off just like a loafer should be.

Los Altos did a great job when designing these Alligator belly loafers. For Los Altos, this is a simple design but sleek and stylish. As we look at these loafers, the decorative strap across the top is anchored by two silver mini buckles, giving these loafers a finished look. Hard to believe that such a small detail could add so much to these alligator loafers but it does. This is the genius behind Los Altos and one of many reasons that they offer the best when it comes to men’s fashion.

I’ve always been a big fan of Los Altos, Los Altos shoes and boots. When you buy Los Altos, you know you’re going to get high quality shoes and boots that are styled and made to last. These Alligator belly loafers uses a special aniline process to dye their exotic skins so the colors permeate the skins thoroughly. Thereby the skins maintain their rich color over time. This is important, most exotic skinned shoes fade over time and become a casualty. Not these Los Altos loafers. They’ll still look great for years to come, ensuring you always get your money’s worth.

This pair of Los Altos Alligator belly loafers also feature soft supple deerskin in the insole, giving you added comfort to an already comfortable loafer. The inside is also padded, your feet will never hurt in these loafers. All of the natural leather in these Alligator belly loafers is hand stitched, adding more durability to an already durable Los Altos shoe.

Black shoes are versatile in nature but loafers were meant to wear at home, right? Not these Los Altos loafers. This pair of Alligator belly loafers can be worn anywhere. I’m telling you now, these bad boys are bold and stylish. They feel great. I’ve always been a big fan of exotic skin shoes but not loafers? This is the way loafers should be, stylish, comfortable, striking and down right sexy. This pair of Los Altos Alligator belly loafers is gorgeous and available. A great addition to your wardrobe and you’re going to love them. I hope all of you have a great weekend, don’t forget to check out Big Time and I’ll see you tomorrow.