Kenneth Cole Mens Oxford ShoesMens Oxford Shoes

Good evening fashion bloggers and welcome back to the Big Time Blog. I haven’t did any post on Kenneth Cole shoes in a long time so I had to drop a post in when I saw that we’re now carrying Kenneth Cole Oxford shoes. I’m no stranger to Kenneth Cole fashion, trust me. It’s just the fact that I’m not all that big on formal wear. However, when it comes to dress shoes, it’s hard not to be a fan of these beautiful gorgeous Oxford shoes.

The first thing that strikes me about these Kenneth Cole Oxford shoes is all the awesome details that cover the entire shoe. Yes, it does help the feet breathe but look at the geometrics of these Kenneth Cole shoes. These bad babies are bold, beautiful and Big Time! You can click on the picture to get some better views if you want too.

I love the dark brown colors from this pair of men’s Oxford shoes. If you’re a big fan of Oxfords, I know you’re going to love these shoes. What if you’re not a fan? Why go with an Oxford? Well, for one, you can’t beat a pair of shoes from Kenneth Cole. Kenneth Cole shoes are high quality shoes. Remember, Big Time only offers the best and at discount prices. I know you’ve seen the other prices online, Big Time has some of the best deals on shoes and boots online. It’s all about quality, you DO get what you pay for.

These Kenneth Cole Oxford shoes are timeless and comfortable. I don’t write about shoes and boots I don’t like. You best believe that. Everyone of my post is my own professional opinion about the subject. These Kenneth Cole shoes are so soft, cushioned inside for added comfort. The outside is slick, sleek and durable. I guarantee you that these Kenneth Cole Oxford shoes will last you for decades!

The best feature about these Kenneth Cole Oxford shoes could be the fact that they can nearly be worn with anything. I tried on black, beige, gray and white dress pants. I know white dress pants are not a big menu item per say, but these Oxford shoes look good in white slacks. I didn’t have no brown slacks but my guess is that they would look just fine with them. Needless to say, for someone that isn’t in to dress shoes, I was left impressed with these Kenneth Cole shoes.