Good Sunday morning to you fashion buffs. Welcome to the Big Time blog where we talk about great deals, fashion and special features. We’ve talked about a lot of different boots over the last two months, from Los Altos to Stacy Adams. Today, I want to mix it up. Today, I have a pair of GBX boots for the guys. I believe this is our first feature on GBX boots for men, we’re way overdue so I send my apologies. GBX is a quality brand that continues to grow. We found a great deal for you, these boots are on sale as we speak.

GBX ShoesThis pair of GBX boots has a little bit of everything, from a great casual look to details that stand out perfectly. These GBX shoes feature a gorgeous black leather coat. These GBX boots have a dull black look, easily distinguished from glossy black boots for formals. Now, if you’re looking for a great pair of casual boots, you can’t go wrong with this pair of black shoes.

Talk about the possibilities, you can wear these GBX boots anywhere. They can be worn all year round and the wardrobe, well, pick your poison. I love the back side zipper feature, just another creative example from GBX. Boots are often boring on the back end, these boots have features and hand stitched details that bring up the rear. Include the double laces, high quality craftsmanship and a great price, you can’t afford not to get these men’s boots.

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