Whether you prefer sneakers, boat shoes or exotic leather boots, foot traffic can put a lot of wear and tear on your favorite pair of footwear. While you may have trouble getting rid of old shoes, it does not mean you have to avoid buying a new pair.

If you are looking for a reason to shop for new shoes, here are five signs that your feet are begging for a change in footwear:

1.      You Wear the Same Pair of Shoes EVERYWHERE

At Shop Big Time, we understand the connection men have to their favorite pieces of apparel. While it is certainly reasonable to have a lucky pair of shoes, some may take it a little too far by letting that pair of shoes be the only footwear in their closet. If you wear the same shoes to work, parties, the gym, dates and for casual purposes, you may be stretching your soles too thin.

If you want to get the longest ride out of your favorite pairs of shoes, it may be best to shop for more appropriate pieces that can vary up your day. For instance, adding a new pair of black business shoes for work or formal occasions can help give your sneakers a rest.

2.      The Midsole is Missing Something

Shoes are not only supposed to protect and cover your feet in a fashionable way; they should also be comfortable. Over time, soles of a shoe will wear due to friction and pressure. The best way to tell if it is time to trade in one pair of shoes for a new one is to press on the middle of the sole from the bottom of the shoe. New shoes should demonstrate some type of compression, while older shoes will show little give and wrinkle in the soles. If your midsoles have lost compression, start shopping for a new pair.

3.      Your Feet Are Unforgiving

Our bodies are smart and will often tell us when our clothes are not fitting right or have become less-than-accommodating—the same goes for our feet and shoes. If you notice that your foot health is not as great as it once was, it could be your shoes. For instance, if you notice swelling, corns, blisters or soreness whenever you take off your shoes, your feet are going to need a new place to call home.

4.      Your Shoes Are Way Older than Last Season

The better the materials, the stronger the shoes; however, even if some shoes were built to last, their styles may not endure the test of time. If you find yourself noticing that your shoes no longer match with your wardrobe or are in stark contrast to what is in style, there’s a chance you may have been holding on to the same pair of shoes for too long. By having a diverse collection of shoes, however, you will be able to hang on to many pairs for years—especially since we know styles often repeat themselves.

5.      Your Shoes Have Lost Their Color

Color is a great indicator of age, as older shoes will fade over time from their original hue. Polishing and protecting your shoes—especially leather—can help preserve sleekness. However, some color loss may be hard to avoid—especially if they are “everyday” shoes. Another sign that your shoes’ color isn’t what it used to be is general cleaning and washing will not restore its look. For instance, white shoes that look dirty no matter how much you clean them are probably up for retirement.

Get Your New Shoes Today

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