White Suit For Men


Thanks again for taking the time to be with us. Welcome all to the Shop Big Time blog. Where we feature some of the most popular, most stunning products in our inventory and you always have a voice here. I can’t stress that enough. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at this handsome Falcone 3-Piece White Suit For Men. Yes, very handsome, pure white fabrics, I call it angelic white. I looked at several men’s suits today. We’ve had this white suit by Falcone in our store for a few months now, I don’t know why I never covered it. I appreciate affordable fashion and this suit is actually on sale for only $149.99. Originally priced at $279.99.

A first impression is always important. We’ve talked about it a lot in our blogs and publications of our store. More then any other time or age, we’re judged today on looks more then ever. First impressions are crucial. That goes for a job interview, internship, a date, party, anywhere you go. It’s moments like this that are captured in an instance. Falcone did an amazing job creating this gorgeous white designer suit.

Falcone’s 3-Piece white suit fits and feels great. Some suits can be uncomfortable, tight around the side of the chest, uncomfortable on the shoulders. I’m very picky when I’m shopping for men’s suits. With this 3-piece white suit, you’ll never have that problem. Sure, you may need a few custom changes, but this suit is comfortable, great fitting and super sharp.

Falcone Suits For Men

There’s a whole lot going on with this unique 3-piece Falcone white suit and all of it is very good. Shown in white, the set includes a 2-button jacket with comfortable side-vents and notched lapels. pants feature a pleated waistline. The vest is so cool, it can be worn alone — with a layered front design and pleating in the back, you’ll look good coming or going.

With the holidays in full swing at the time of this feature, the Falcone white suit would make a great holiday gift for that special man in your life. Right now, this white suit is on sale for only $149.99, which is a great deal. We have several suits on sale, so find one that you love. In a few months, the formal season will also be in full swing and summer will be here again.

In closing, we hope you enjoyed this feature on the Falcone 3-piece suit for men. We try to get pictures from every angle, so you know exactly what you’re getting. We thank you for taking the time to visit our online store and blog. We’re still adding our winter inventory, so be sure to see what we have new. Hope all of you enjoy the holiday season, from our family to yours, Happy Holidays.


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