Every man should own at least pair of exotic skin dress shoes. That statement couldn’t be more true especially when you can get reptile shoes for under $250. Exotic skin shoes transition better then any other shoe on the market. Exotic shoes can be worn at work, home, for play or a night on the town. Reptiles go great with jeans, slacks or dress pants. I don’t even mind wearing my exotic skin shoes with shorts. You want a versatile pair of dress shoes, versatile exotic skin shoes.

Black Teju Penny Loafers

Today, we’re taking a close look at the Los Altos black teju penny loafers. There’s a number of different words that can be used to describe these beautiful penny loafers. Bold, sexy, sleek, stylish and witty are just a few of the terms that accurately describe these exotic skins.

Every pair of men’s shoes that we deal with are tested and evaluated before they appear in our store and on our blog and website. These black teju penny loafers are truly the definition of luxury and appeal. The upper is cast in black lizard skin and features a classic moc-toe silhouette decorative strap across the top has cut-out “penny” diamond shape. Elastic gussets on either side for easy on, easy off.

Many men are attracted to penny loafers because of their comfort. This pair of teju penny loafers is comfortable defined. I’ve owned this exact pair of loafers for over a year and they remain one of my favorites. For a man that wears hundreds of pairs of shoes a year, that is saying something. The classic look is appealing, stylish and up-to-date but still has that old-school look. It truly is a remarkably designed shoe, handcrafted to perfection.

If you’re looking for a pair of exotic skin penny loafers that has a modern look with classic style, you can’t go wrong with these black teju penny loafers.