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Welcome back to another addition of the Big Time blog. Spring is in high gear, Summer is just around the corner and I was inspired by 50+ motorcycles that just passed through town. You’re looking at the same identical boots that not only one biker was wearing but two. I can only imagine what they felt like as I ran over in sandals, shades and whatever! This is just to show you how persona can be exaggerated. I told them about our blog and shop and the fact that I noticed him wearing eel skin biker boots. “Hell yeah, my buddy has a pair just like these. Los Altos boots,” he replied. What? They looked sharp. “We’ve had these for years, he proudly stated. He called for Tom and sure enough, identical. I told Steve and Tom that I had to share the story on my blog so here we are. Steve, Tom, I appreciate you guys taking the time to talk to me. You didn’t kick my fashion ass and for that, I’m thankful!

Point of the story, don’t get persona twisted. We all like to look good. For some, that could be black leather head to toe finished off with a black pair of biker boots. Or, you could be like me, never leaving your house without a name brand piece of clothing or accessory. We’re all the same, just different senses of fashion. None the less, we all deserve to feel and look good. Don’t think just because you’re a man that you deserve less. Couldn’t be further from the truth.

Black Biker BootsNow, let’s check out these bad boy eel skin biker boots. The shaft is cast in supple deer skin while the foot is completely covered in genuine, extra glossy eel skin. Hardcore leather soles and square toe shape ensure that these boots are as tough as they are cool. And as I found out earlier today, these boots are made for the daily grind. After years of abuse, dirt, weather and everything in between, these boots still look brand new, certainly a common thing we hear with Los Altos boots.

You don’t have to be a biker to enjoy these biker boots. These eel skin biker boots are bold, stylish, tough and with a radiant touch of elegance. Soft lambskin will give you comfort where it’s needed the most, probably one of the softest pairs of biker boots you’ll ever wear by far. On top of that, these biker boots are cushioned. Perfect for the long haul or stylish enough to be worn on a night out.

If you’re are looking for a great pair of biker boots that’s versatile in the wardrobe, these Los Altos boots are perfect. The outfit combinations are endless. Priced at only $299, you can get these biker boots now for a great price. Big Time has several great deals going on during our Spring savings, check out all our deals here. Take a closer look at these featured black biker boots.