Simply put, every guy should have at least one great suit and an awesome pair of shoes. We took a look at a whole lineup of them on Joseph Gordon-Levitt for our August fall preview, and if you look at that story you see how this really buttoned-up silhouette can look so young and cool. Not only is the suit a nod to Savile Row and traditional tailoring at its best, but it’s one

of the most versatile investments you can make. Take off the jacket and you have a natty pairing that’s still equally work appropriate. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of mens wear.

There is this enormous explosion of pattern on suits and sport coats for fall, really a resurrectionof very traditional menswear fabrics that have been essentially written off as too old or geezer-y for young guys—until now. Windowpane and every checked plaid out there have come roaring back in a way that feels right again. Young brands like Gant Rugger and AMI are offer options in really modern proportions, while powerhouses like Ralph Lauren and Ermenegildo Zegna have updated their offerings by slimming down the cuts and doing away any extraneous bulk, even linings when necessary. It’s the first time an entire generation of younger guys have been exposed to such classic patterns, and the coming together of the old and the new is what makes these feel so fresh.

The international symbol of menswear bloggers for some time now, the double monkstrap (or dub monks, as they call it) has now moved into the realm of everyman attainable, coming in at all price points in a plethora of modified styles from wingtip to cap-toe, single or double-strapped, pebble grain to suede. Originally the dressiest of shoes, the way to walk them this season is with flair and confidence: From punchy socks to a pair of jeans, the only wrong way to strap it up is unimaginatively.


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