Cowboy Boots for Men – Western Styling with Exotic Flair!

In the past, cowboy boots were made to keep cowboys protected when riding their horses and herding cattle. Because of western radio shows and cowboy movies, by the 1920s, western type boots became a fashion item. From the back roads of the Deep South to the main streets of the big city, Cowboy boots are hot and come in a variety of styles and colors. Both women and men are sporting all shapes and sizes with everything from jean skirts to tuxedos. Perhaps it’s the rise in popularity of country music or it’s Jessica Simpson doing her Daisy Duke impression, but the trend doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. The Cowboy Boot is somewhere between folk art, pop culture and functional clothing. Actors have worn them and so have Presidents — and for that matter, so have actors who became Presidents. Most men, though, will go through life without ever having tried a cowboy boot on. My advice? Don’t be that guy. Give it a shot. You don’t have to be a cowboy to wear and appreciate a great pair of cowboy boots.

While there are literally 1000’s of different styles, cowboy boots generally fall into two types, traditional and fashion boots. Traditional boots are functional as well as stylish and feature classic design elements that have remained in style for decades. There are styles out there for every taste imaginable and the portion of the boot visible beneath your trouser cuffs can feature everything from leather tooling to contrast-colored stitching and bright vegetable dyes. If you’re fond of memorable footwear, you’ll love cowboy boots. When it comes to cowboy boots, you may think that they only come in regular cowhide leather, but this is definitely not true. You will find cowboy boots made out of all different types of leather including suede, alligator skin, snakeskin, ostrich, and even more exotic boots like lizard or elephant skin. For those who are looking for a non-animal based option, you will be in luck too as there are also boots that are made of faux leather. Every man and woman should enjoy a touch of Western style in his and her outfits now and again.

Shop Big Time offers not only high quality, but also a vast variety when it comes to our selection of cowboy boots. That being said, once you’ve managed to figure out what style of boot you like and which toe shape you prefer, you’ll want to ask yourself which material suits your needs best. Here are some of our different styles of cowboy boots.

Exotic Skin Cowboy Boots

Snakeskin Boots

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Above are just a few of our Snakeskin Cowboy Boots. Snake skin has become one of the most sought-after materials for cowboy boots. Boots made from snake skin have increasingly become in demand and many of those who have worn one never want to wear another type of boot again. The biggest reasons why snake skin boots are very popular is the comfort and softness that they provide, as well as the fact that this type of leather molds easily to one’s foot. Snake skinned boots are one of our best sellers.

Snakeskin, although considered an exotic leather, is very prevalent today in not just boots but also handbags, clothing, and wallets. A pair of snakeskin cowboy boots could come from a number of different snakes, we offer python, cobra and karunga.

What people love most about snakeskin boots are the unique and complex patterns that come from different snakes and cannot be duplicated by any others. While snakeskin cowboy boots are indeed a thing of beauty, they do require a certain standard of maintenance and care. You would never want to wear your brand new snakeskin boots to do any kind of harsh, outdoor labor and should avoid getting them wet at all times. Supple snakeskin makes a good fashion statement, but not if improper care leaves them dry and flaky.

Alligator, Caiman and Crocodile Skin Boots

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Western styling with exotic flair! Above are just a few of our popular selection of these luxury skin leather boots. Alligator boots are very durable and flexible. You can wear a pair of Alligator boots made from the Belly with Levi’s or a tuxedo. The Head cut Alligator Boot has lots of attitude. The Tail cut Alligator boot is more reserved but still gets attention. Keep in mind that a genuine American Alligator boot will have natural markings and scars that the Alligator received during his life. There are no two Alligators the same, so there will be no two pairs of Alligator boots the same.

Caiman Crocodile cowboy boots are one-of–a-kind. These durable and comfortable boots are fully customizable to fit your style. From simple black and brown Cowboy classics to funky and multicolored pairs, you will love our Caiman Crocodile collection. Western in design with handmade 100% caiman belly leather!

These rustic style boots are made for the discerning urban cowboy. The Leather sole is completely hand-stitched and hand-nailed lending to an artisanal quality that is nothing short of luxurious. These luxury leathers are coveted for their unique patterns and fashionable appearances, but usually require more maintenance to retain their trademark patterns. The exotic skins on cowboy boots are popular due to their distinctive tile pattern and typically have high-gloss finishes and rich, deep colors and require care to ensure that the hinges between the tiles do not crack.

Lizard Skin Boots

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Lizard skin features small scales with different shades, which is rare and attractive among reptiles, and the natural beauty and rich texture provide inspiration to the designers. Because the leathers are extremely durable, and the exotic skins are very eye-catching, lizard skin boots are some of the best! It’s distinct markings and finest quality lizard boots are made with Teju lizard. Specifically made from the belly of the lizard. Boots with belly scales will have a larger and more distinct skin. An “Egg white” protein and glaze at the factory give these boots their shine and rich color. As with snakeskin, aftercare is a very important factor in upkeep of lizard boots and to ensure that the hinges between the tiles do not crack.. Using a soft dry cotton cloth, wipe with the direction of the scales to remove topical dirt and dust. Use a very soft brush (ie: sable paintbrush) to gently remove dirt and dust underneath scales if they are not hardened down in the tanning process. Do not lift scales.

Eel Skin Boots

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A classic cowboy boot blended to perfection with no boundaries. The Eel Skin Cowboy Boot is handmade with 100% Eel skin leather and soft genuine Eel vamps. They are great dress boots but can also accommodate just about every occasion of your life. Made to last and designed to turn heads, these cowboy boots are a must have pair of kicks for all discerning boot enthusiasts. 

Eel is very thin but very durable material. Eel is proven to be 1.5 times stronger than cowhide of the same thickness. Even so, most eel skin boots are made with a layer of eel laminated over cow skin. Beautiful Hand Crafted, Eel Boots with a classic look and feel, this style boot is incredibly discreet and looks amazing under a pair of jeans or dress pants. Extremely soft skin is used to manufacture the whole boot, making for an extremely comfortable walking experience. Boot is constructed with leather soles (wooden and copper pegs), all leather lining. This is truly a very unique hand crafted boot.

Aftercare is similar to that of cow leather boots. Using a soft barely damp cotton cloth, wipe topical dirt and dust. Pay special attention to alcohol spills on the boot as this will dry out the leather quickly and could destroy the finish. Eel skin boots are usually made with sections of eel skin sewn together. General cleaning of eel skin footwear is best done with a cotton cloth slightly dampened with plain water so that cleaning products do not seep through the joins of the skins.

Lizard and Eel Woven Style Boots

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Truly a one of a kind style cowboy boot! Go incredibly stylish with these men’s exotic boots. Featured above is a few pair of our beautiful, rich cognac woven boots for men that will have everyone paying attention to your fierce fashion sense. Made from an unbelievable combination of lizard skin and eel skin, these men’s boots were made to stand the test of time and fashion. While the shaft is as smooth as can be, the vamp of these men’s boots have been woven through out and provide a great, textural contrast the shaft. Everything on the leather sole is hand stitched and hand nailed. These style of cowboy boots are one popular item due to their distinctive and creative design.

Ostrich Skin Boots 

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Nowadays, one of the most popular exotic skins on cowboy boots is ostrich. Ostrich leather is a luxury product because of the extensive production process that it goes through, and simply because there is not as much skin on an ostrich as there is on a cow. Ostrich skin comes in a variety of different patterns, measured by how many quills (or bumps) are on that particular stretch of skin. You can also have ostrich leather from the leg, which has a pattern of its own. Many people like ostrich leather because of its relative durability, as well as the fact that the boots have a unique grain, especially full quill hide. Smooth ostrich leather has fewer indentations and thus is suppler to the touch. Both forms are very strong and versatile. When cleaning using a soft barely damp cotton cloth, wipe topical dirt and dust every time they are worn. Pay special attention to alcohol spills on the boot as this will dry out the leather quickly and could eat into the skin fibers. 

Stingray Skin Boots

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Stingray is commonly known as the most durable leather in the world, being only rivaled by Elephant hide. The hides used are from a species of stingray, which is neither endangered nor threatened, and the meat is used in many restaurants. The tanning process causes the scales to fall away without damaging the skin, leaving an extremely strong pearly hide. Stingray is a surprisingly durable and fashionably smooth material. If you are looking for a true showstopper, our stingray boots include popular designs, from Los Altos, with stingray inlays and smooth leather details. With this style you’ll sure make a bold statement. General cleaning of stingray footwear is best done with a cotton cloth slightly dampened with plain water to maintain it’s natural radiance. Since stingray is water resistant soap products and excessive water will run off the skin and down to the edge causing drying and rotting of the stitching. 

Calf Skin Boots

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Both stylish for men and women and made with soft Calf leather skin, these men’s riding boots will be a standout in your closet. We have a feeling that you will find yourself reaching to wear them over and over again. They are buttery soft on the inside, as well as shock absorption technology that will make walking around heaven for your feet. And to get them on fast and easy, there are finger holes at the collar of these men’s riding boots. For decoration there are beautiful patterns stitched right into the shaft and vamp of these gorgeous men’s boots. These smooth leather boots are a timeless classic. Enhance any shoe collection with these cowboy originals. If you are looking for the look of the Old West, our leather boots deliver. Calfskin has a soft velvety feel. A beautiful hand-rubbed finish makes the calfskin leather the top choice for dress boots, but can be worn for most any occasion. Proper care must be taken however as this leather is a bit more delicate.