Exotic Skin Boots And Shoes

Purchasing exotic skin boots and shoes can truly be an excellent choice. Exotic skin footwear is unique and sophisticated. However, when it comes to choosing exotic leathers, there are many different options available. Let’s take a look at some of the various types of exotic leather.

Exotic Skin Shoes & Boots

Alligator Skin Boots And Shoes

Alligator: Alligator leather is an incredibly high quality exotic leather, ideal for exotic skin boots and shoes, including sneakers. Alligator leather is esteemed for its smoothness and pliability. Remember the way to tell the difference between authentic alligator leather and fake alligator leather is the umbilical scar. This mark is often featured prominently on designs as a mark of authenticity. Keep in mind that the best sections of alligator leather tend to be drawn from the alligator’s belly, as is the smoothest section of the reptile’s body.

 Crocodile Boots And Shoes

Crocodile: Crocodile leather is similar to alligator leather, known for its high quality, durability, smoothness and pliability. Like alligator leather, authentic crocodile leather can be distinguished from fake leather by the umbilical scar. The appearance and patters also tend to be quite similar between the two. So what is the difference between crocodile leather and alligator leather? The major difference is that sensory pores (ISO) are only found on crocodile skin. These pores manifest as small dots close to the scale’s edge.

 Snakeskin Boots And Shoes

Snakeskin: Snake leather is an excellent, high quality option when it comes to exotic skin boots and shoes. Made from the hide of a dead snake, there is an infinite variety of snake leather types; depending on the type of snake the texture, color, and pattern of the leather will vary substantially. Python skin is a particular type of snakeskin that is highly sought after, creating uniquely patterned shoes.

 Shark Shoes And Boots

Shark: Shark leather is known for its rough, coarse texture. These hides are highly rare and incredibly exotic. Exotic skin boots and shoes made from shark leather are notoriously durable and beautiful. Sharks boots and shoes are unique and one-of-a-kind.

 Stingray Boots And Shoes

Stingray: Of all the exotic skins and leathers, stingray leather tends to attract the least amount of attention. However, stingray leather is an excellent option when it comes to exotic skin boots and shoes, renowned for its durability and versatility. It has a unique, supple texture and can be used in a vast variety of different applications.