Brown Alligator Belly Loafers

Brown Alligator Belly Loafers

Every man should own at least 2 pairs of loafers at all times. If you’re like me, you have 14 pairs of loafers. What can I say, I like shoes. Most men have the mindset that a loafer is a house shoes. Why? I don’t know. Men can’t be blamed, we’re not taught this or at least I wasn’t growing up. Money always came first. Money first, nice things next. But to my point, a loafer is not a house shoe. A loafer should be comfortable like a house shoe though and this is exactly what you get with this pair of brown alligator belly loafers.

I’ve seen a lot of men’s loafers in the past 3 decades and I’m referring to thousands of loafers. These alligator belly loafers are by far one of the my favorite pairs of men’s loafers. The amazing details and features are something special guys. You have to take a second to take a close look at these alligator loafers, click here to view the close-ups.

The first element that caught my eyes was the amazing craftsmanship on the vamp of the loafers. These gator loafers are brilliantly designed and as a man, you have to appreciate such craftsmanship. Absolutely gorgeous. I love the beautiful designs on the front, beautiful stitching. The vamp is made up of real genuine alligator belly skin. Rarely do you have such art in the vamp, these alligator loafers were done perfectly.

Most of us know Los Altos is known for their cowboy boots but exotic skin loafers? I’ve know of Los Altos since they opened in the 90s. I was always impressed with their western boots and most people know Los Altos from that. In recent years, the company has took their manufacturing to another level and the results are these handsome Los Altos alligator belly loafers. If you haven’t heard of Los Altos, it is time to take notice.

With these alligator belly loafers, I also love the cognac brown color and the addition of the gold-tone buckle. In recent years, more and more dress shoes have added such elements. You didn’t see this as much a decade ago. Straps and buckles are in and it really gives these gator loafers a great touch.

Brown Alligator Belly Loafers

When you get a great up-front view of these loafers, you get a true appreciation for all the detail. These alligator belly loafers have soft lambskin, ensuring that your feet are comfortable at all times. On top of that, the inside is also cushioned. It’s like heaven for your feet guys.

Dress shoes, men, you can’t never have enough. As you can clearly see, these loafers are handsome, attractive, appealing and sexy. This pair of men’s loafers could be worn out on a night around the town, great stylish work shoes or your go-to shoes when the need calls. These loafers are fun. Don’t think others won’t notice when you walk in the room with these bad boys on, the room will be yours!