Blue Martini Tan Blazer
Welcome again to the Shop Big Time blog, where we cover the most popular products from the inventory. Today, we’ll b taking a closer look at the Blu Martini Vegan Suede Blazer 3 Button Blazer. When it comes to men’s blazers, Blu Martin can stand toe to toe with the best. When you see it, you’ll understand why. The Blu Martini blazer above is a prime example of the high quality work that goes into making prestige blazers for men.

The Blu Martini cognac suede blazer has a handsome vintage look and style. If you look at vintage clothing, you know it’s out-of-date. You don’t get that vibe with our Blu Martini blazer. Falcone did a great job giving it a vintage style but modern look.

I’ve always been a big fan of Blu Martini blazers. I love the fabrics they use, the tone combinations they go with, as well as the unique styling. I don’t want a boring blazer, sorry. Some of you may prefer that, I want a blazer with features, one that has great styling and options. That is what you get with Blu Martini.

Blu Martini Blazer For Men

This blazer has a bold citrus orange color.  It features vintage styling with a 3-button closure and triple pocket design. Plush faux suede look and feel. Dark brown detailing on the pockets and collar. Very stylish, handsome and with a touch of simplicity.

When you get a great close look at the Blu Martini blazer, you can them appreciate the fabrics at work. This is a high quality blazer, no question about it. I love the feel, soft inside, very comfortable. If you wear enough blazers, you’ve come across a few that just don’t fit right. And if it does, many are uncomfortable, annoying, just makes you want to get rid of it. You’ll never have to worry about that with this Falcone blazer, this is true high-quality work.

This is a great color to work with, the bold citrus orange works well with a number of different colors. Most people thing, “Orange?” What are you thinking? You can clearly see that this is more of a natural tone, it would go great with dress pants or even blue jeans. So you won’t be buying this blazer to hang it up, you’ll have plenty of different options when it comes to your wardrobe.

We have several blazers from Falcone and this is an incredible piece. Be sure to browse our entire collection of Falcone blazers and sport coats.

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