Blazers – Fashionable, Casual and Versatile

Whether it’s dressing up for a date or just going out for a brisk walk. A blazer always adds a touch of style and sophistication, and never goes out of style. Take advantage of the classic style and versatility of a blazer. Dress them up with a tie, or dress them down for business casual to instantly transform your look. A blazer is a traditional staple of menswear, invest in a few colors that coordinate with the shades you wear most often. When you’re in a rush, you can always make your business casual apparel more formal by adding a classic navy blazer.

With Shop Big Time’s selection of blazers you can update your closet with and choose from colors like camel to black and in a variety of patterns and materials to instantly transform your look for any occasion or season. If you wear a sportcoat often, choosing one with the features you prefer, such as the fits, the placement of pockets, shoulder tailoring and button detail can save you time in the future. When buying your next blazer, choose a style from the same line, for the same reliable fit and features you’re already accustomed to.

If you are in a situation in which a suit is too formal and a sportcoat too sporty, then your best option is to wear a classic, custom men’s blazer paired with trousers not of the same color. The possibilities, while not endless, give a man options that a suit cannot. Blazers are incredibly versatile, but is not a suit or a sport coat? The answer is simple, but yet overlooked, the blazer. This article of men’s clothing should be found in every man’s wardrobe. 

A blazer can be matched with paisley, striped, checked or even solid ties. For those men who can wear with confidence, a blazer with a bow tie makes for a manly impression that is often dismissed as old fashioned. Sadly, this classic piece of menswear is seen just as that, out dated and only something men in their 50’s would wear. A man wearing a tailored blazer with complimenting trousers and shoes will attract more attention than a young, blazer-less man who struggles to keep his tie in front of him during those windy days. A tailored blazer will give you a better figure because of its cut and style.

Like I said before every man should have not just one, two or even three but at least a enough blazers to mix and match his wardrobe and look great doing it. Below are just a few of Shop Big Time’s collection of stylish, high quality and tailored blazers for you to add some class and versatility to your wardrobe.

A Touch of Personality and Style

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Casual Classics

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There is a reason why the blazer has remained in style for near 100 years, it is versatile, functional, and looks great. With a little bit of creativity and an understanding of the classics, you-the young gentleman-can impress your peers, your superiors, and the ladies with a well-tailored blazer. Clothing does not make the man, the man does, but his clothes sure do help.