Black Stingray ShoesExotic Skin Shoes

Black shoes always come in handy and are one of the most popular shoe colors in the world. Every man needs to have a great pair of black casual shoes. For myself, I prefer a great pair of exotic skin shoes. Why some of you may be thinking gator, caiman or ostrich, I’m a big fan of stingray skins. Again, we’re looking at Los Altos shoes. Los Altos are well known for their western boots, not so much in regards to their casual shoes. However, as Los Altos expands, more and more people are starting to see the high quality and spark that their exotic skins bring.

Shiny, sleek, modern and bold are a few attributes among many that make the Los Altos Stingray Black Casual Lace Up stand out from the rest. Made of genuine stingray Skin and featuring a deer suede texture design, these sneakers are guaranteed to deliver an exceptional walking experience and bring out the best of your taste in fashion.

  • 100% genuine stingray leather
  • Deer suede lace up
  • Sleek and bold design
  • Popular men’s sneaker look

You know you have a ton of great wardrobe options with a pair of sleek black shoes. These black stingray shoes go great with shorts or slacks, beige, tan, white, jeans, the combinations are endless. These shoes also go great with accessories, hats, jewelry, you name it and again, possibilities are endless. This pair of black stingray shoes is perfectly for any occasion.

Don’t think just because it’s summer that you need a white or light colored shoe. This is just one of the many exotic skinned black shoes that we have in inventory. Be sure to visit our catalog today and take advantage of our spring sales while it last. Shop Big Time today!