Welcome to another segment of the Big Time Blog and we have a great special feature for everyone. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Angelino Leather Tri-Tone Wingtip Shoe For Men. Bold, impressive, intuitive and one-of-a-kind, these Angelino wingtip shoes are a staple of the proud Angelino brand.

These Angelino Leather Tri-Tone Wingtip Shoes are stylish and handsome. Every man deserves to have  pair of go-to shoes and these leather shoes by Angelino fit the bill. Below, you’ll see a great close up and one can only appreciate the craftsmanship behind the design. These are absolutely gorgeous!

Angelino Wingtip ShoesIf turning heads is your thing, then these Angelino shoes are for you. There’s so much going on here: the wingtip design, the striped creeper sole, the tri-tone leather of tan, beige, and brown. Decorative broguing adds a perfect ending to this brilliant wingtip. Truly a stepping out shoe that will get noticed and has the ‘Wow” factor.

These shoes are also a double threat. What I like to call a hybrid. These Angelino wingtips can pass for both casual and dress. This means that you can wear them anywhere. Home, work, school, clubing, it doesn’t matter. You’ll always be able to find a use with these shoes.

These Angelino leather tri-tone wingtip shoes have a ton of great features that we have to talk about. You already know how good they look, let’s talk about some big benefits. Three different tones give you a classic, earthy-look, each different element featuring its own special look that ads to the overall style of the shoe. Extremely comfortable and stylish. You’ll never have to worry about these shoes being uncomfortable either.

Angelino Wingtip Shoe

When I buy a shoe, especially dress shoes, I look for a shoe that can work with my wardrobe. Since these Angelino shoes are tri-tone in  tan, beige, and brown, the possibilities in the closet are endless. These shoes for men would go well with jeans, slacks, dark blue or beige. You could even pull off shorts with stylish kicks like this. White, cream, maroon, brown, beige, tan, black, the color platforms will never leave you limited.

Angelino has been a fan favorite industry leader in men’s fashion for more then a decade. Angelino is a Los Angeles-based company an innovative brand renowned for designing stylish and superb quality clothing and accessories. Founded by Alex Angelino in 1999, the company has become a proud institution that is shaping fashion and style in America through integrity, inspiration and dedication.

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