Angelino Camo Themed Dress Shoes


These Angelino black green cameo dress shoes are awesome! And with that, I welcome you to another addition of Shop Big Time blog. Welcome everyone, thanks for your time. Happy Holidays to all of you out there. I fell in love with this shoe in an instant. From the moment I saw these camo dress shoes, I was sold. Angelino hit this one out of the park, what a great way to honor that soldier in your life, your Marine, Air Force, Army. Perhaps you’re just a camo type of person, either way, these Angelino derbies have several great features and handsome attributes.

Angelino shoes have been a long-time symbol of uniqueness, bold, charm and appeal. I will even confess, I bought 6 pairs for my nephews! What can I say, I’m being honest, I love these Angelino shoes for men. Of course I love the United States and everything America stands for. But these cameo dress shoes can be appealing to anyone around the world. This is a handsome derby.

Angelino Cameo Derbies For Men


This Angelino cameo dress shoe has several features that give it an unique look. This leather derby is rendered in two-tone fashion, in shiny black patent and green camouflage print. The sole is also decked out in camo. Upper is trimmed in brown piping and bright green topstitching. This camouflage dress shoe can work in many ways, it can be worn around the clock, work, home or out for a night on the town. These Angelino dress shoes could also work as party shoes, club shoes, the possibilities are endless.

Camouflage dress shoes can work great with a variety of different colors, so you have those options in the closet. Likely more then you first thought. White and black are both colors that work with the cameo two-tone leather on these Angelino derbies. Even natural tones like brown, tan or beige can work with these shoes. And of course, you can always go full-camouflage to really set the tone! These Angelino dress shoes are playful, fun and unique.

If you’re a fan of Angelino, be sure to see our new inventory. We have new products being added daily, so you’ll always have new exciting products to choose from. These Angelino camouflage dress shoes would make a great gift anytime of the year. All of us at Shop Big Time would like to say Happy Holidays to you and your families! Stay safe, enjoy the New Year and let’s make it a great 2015!