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Welcome to the Shop Big Time blog, thanks to all our regulars and good morning to you all. Happy Holidays to all our readers seeing this post before the Holidays. For those of you that are new, we like to take our favorite products and feature them on the blog. I’ve been in men’s fashion since 1979, so I have a little experience in fashion. I’ve attended world events and I’ve had the joy of meeting many great people in my life. That’s a little about me, welcome to you all and thanks for visiting us.

Today, we’re looking at vest for men. With the holidays in full swing and winter nearly officially here, vest are making a quiet comeback at this time of year. Now, I’m with you on vest and I know what you’re thinking, “vest are boring, vest are old school fashion.” I agree for the most part, but not when it comes to the Afazzy Chenille vest for men. These vest for men have several stand-out features and a great looking modern style, wouldn’t you agree? I truly feel that way and I’m not a big fan of vest, sorry. But the Afazzy Chenille vest, I would sport this look in a heartbeat.

Afazzy Chenille Tan Vest For Men


I love the fabrics and texture on the Afazzy Chenille vest. Up close, you can get a true appreciation for the design. Afazzy hit this one out of the park, handsome and stylish. I love the tan tone and color, this will give you a variety of options in the closet. Tan can go great with jeans, slacks, dark, natural or light. The combinations are endless, you usually can’t say that with a vest.

Let’s talk about what makes this Afazzy tan vest special. The classic shape features a 4-button closure and notched lapels. Tan in color with a plush chenille texture, very soft and very comfortable. Taffeta back has adjustable belt to create the perfect fit. Lined in swanky paisley satin for the ultimate level of comfort.

One of the biggest complaints I have with vest is the fit, and I hear a lot of people talking about it. “The vest doesn’t fit right” I read about it all the time. I tried on the Afazzy vest this morning and I didn’t have a problem. Yes! First time in a long time that I could say it. Yes, these vest for men are new to our store. It caught my eye, one of my secrets why we feature certain items on the blog. Absolutely gorgeous I thought, that is my next feature.

The Afazzy Chenille vest comes in tan, red and black, so you’ll have a few different options and styles to go for. It won’t disappoint, I’m glad we chose to bring it to the store and I think our men will appreciate the style and look.

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