5 Shoes For The Week

Monday through Friday, the typical work week for any man. 5 days of work, you need 5 pairs of shoes. Each day has their own personality. For example, we all know how Monday is. We’re coming off the weekend and you’re not in gear just yet. By Friday, we’re ready to kick off the weekend. We’re alive, we’re witty and you need a pair of shoes that represent that. I’m taking you through the entire work week, Monday through Friday in this special addition to promote Men’s Fashion. Let’s go!


It’s no secret that Monday is a down day. Not that all Mondays are bad, just the fact that we’re riding high from the weekend and you have to get into the right mindset to begin the week. Monday is all about comfort and you need a comfortable shoe to get through. Nothing screams Monday like a pair of men’s loafers. Stylish, refine but casual, loafers are perfect for your Monday blues. These lizard teju penny loafers would be perfect.


Tuesday is the new Monday, although many of us don’t have that option. Tuesday, you’re fresh and ready for the work week. Your style and shoes should represent that fact. For Tuesday, we want to go with a nice pair of wingtip shoes. We already know that some wingtips just don’t look good with suits. I recommend that you take this opportunity to get a great pair of dark brown wingtips, wingtips with rich patina. This pair of wingtip shoes will get you off to a great start.


Mid week comes and you want to make sure you’re on your A game. A lot of meetings and conferences are often planned around the midweek point of the week. You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of oxfords for your mid-week journey. I’m looking for a rich cognac, brown-red oxford with a sharp black 3 piece. This lizard and alligator oxford would be perfect for the most important time of the week.


On one of the days where most business gets done, Thursday could be a hard one on your feet. You need a shoe that is built for comfort. I’m looking for a shoe that means business but not to my feet. This ostrich quill dress shoe is both stylish and comfortable, exactly what I’m looking for at this point of the week.


Friday is finally here and you’re ready to get it done and call it a week. Business first though and no other shoes scream “Business” like a pair of men’s derbies. If you want to get through the week in comfort and style, let’s go for the stingray ostrich derby. Charming, witty and bold, you can’t go wrong with these “get you ready” weekend warriors.