Mustache Grooming Tips For Men

Today, we’re talking about great mustache grooming tips to help you with that shaggy mustache of yours. Just kidding. The mustache is an important part of a man’s look. In many cases, we don’t give the mustache its due. From now on men, we’re going too. You may just be surprised how bad your mustache looks. Have no fear, Big Time is here and we’ll have you looking good and at your best in no time. To the board.

Mustache Grooming Tips

1. For men with sparse facial hair, be patient. As your hair begins to grow in, it may seem patchy and incomplete. However, as the hairs become longer, the slower-growing follicles will have time to sprout their own hairs, and gradually over the course of a couple weeks the patchy gaps will eventually be hidden.

2. Trimming the facial hair around the mustache makes it stand out, but you need a trimmer that gives you ultimate control for a flawless touch up. There’s a number of different mustache trimmers out there, many below $25. I prefer a mustache trimmer with two blades but there is high quality trimmers out there for cheap. The main point, you have to have a mustache trimmer. That is mustache grooming 101.

3. Invest in a mustache comb or any fine tooth comb. It’s important to comb your mustache so it looks clean and shaped. If you use a comb on your hair frequently, you’ll notice that your hair tends to flow in the motion it is combed. Same for your mustache, after due time, you’ll have the lose ends all tied up.

4. Shampooing your mustache twice a week is important to remove any odor or food remnants. This aides bad breath. This is another mustache grooming tip many don’t know about. You’ll be surprised how it helps. When you are washing your hair, don’t forget your mustache.

5. Chapstick is an easy and inexpensive product for styling your mustache and maintaining stray hairs. Many men don’t know this mustache grooming trick. Celebrities use this all the time, so be sure to get some and keep your stache sheek.