3 Must-Have Shoes for Men

The term “shoes” doesn’t do fashion justice, not when there are dozens of categories to choose from. But when you start shopping for brown dress shoes, deck shoes, loafers and night-on-the-town shoes, it’s often hard to pick a few pairs that are functional and stylish enough for any occasion. To help, here are three shoes that fashion-minded men must have in the wardrobe.

1: The Dress Shoe

Whether you work in a high-rise building or in a casual office, dressing for success is a must. Fortunately, dress shoes are stylish, functional and last long enough to justify splurging. You can wear them at weddings, on dates, at work — just about anywhere a pair of khakis or nice pants is required.

Shop Big Time highly recommends exotic skin dress shoes for men. These shoes come in ostrich, alligator, caiman, and other leathers that are comfortable and extremely durable (not to mention distinct!). Consider checking out these Los Altos Lizard Teju Penny Loafers, Stingray Lace-Ups or even a nice brown Ostrich Quill.

2: The Casual Shoes

Casual shoes are labeled as such because they are affordable, easy to wear with anything and are normally your first pick when you leave home for an everyday activity. To maintain your level of style, it’s important to go above and beyond the everyday tennis shoe or loafer.

When you start looking to fill your casual (yet classy) shoe void, we recommend Los Altos’ White Caimain Belly Trim Sneakers, the comfortable and fortified WingTip Blue Cream Suede Spectator Oxford pair by Stacy Adams and these Steve Madden Turquoise Blue Trendy Sneakers.

3: The Summer Shoe

This summer, deck shoes seem to be taking off. Why? Because they are incredibly affordable, comfortable and easy to wear in any weather (minus the snow!). They go nicely with jeans and even dress up well for classier occasions.

To satisfy your boat shoe fix, look at these Black Contrast shoes by Steve Madden, Tan Olive boat shoes by GBX and these Soccer-Inspired Italia casual shoes by Fiesso.

It’s much easier to work on the rest of your wardrobe when your shoe problem is taken care of. And when that time comes, all you have to do is go to www.ShopBigTime.com and the rest will take care of itself.